Genshin Impact Combat Gameplay and Random Mini Bosses

The game is finally out and I’ve been playing it all day on NA servers! Just a Genshin Impact combat gameplay preview. I was aiming for the new characters, but after ten reroll accounts, I settled down with the best boi Venti. Here are some of the mini-bosses and an under-leveled boss fight~

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  1. Yakui

    when you're too early

  2. gametis

    waw.. nice sir😍

  3. Jinxy Karu

    Love this game <3

  4. Croz Raven

    Is this game worth playing on free/no gacha buying?

  5. B. Stoilov

    Definitely not my type of a game.

  6. Titanic Tuna

    Ah the immortal Cat, hardest mini boss in the game.

  7. Nathan George

    It is good to see you active lately, after the website became inactive i forgot about the youtube Channel. Nice to see you around again.

  8. AntiVirus Gaming

    Wish I had Venti..

  9. Kon Hiro

    See you pulled a Venti there.

  10. Kon Hiro

    this prob is one of your chance of a game for more views!!

  11. Nightmare

    Ah this garbage , no hate towards steparu but i really hate this company , played previous games and shows they dont have any solid idea for the game it is just a mix of popular garbage , from the little i saw i didnt like this one either.
    Not to mention in China , PGR demolished this so fucking hard , im gonna play it soon with a translator to see how good it is haha

  12. Bork

    For the love of traps, u got Venti! I wish i got him, but my reroll luck ain't working so i gave up and stick with Kequing

  13. SeuMelhorAmigo

    So you didnt get any loli thats sad. Is this on pc?

  14. Sycogenesis

    How much money have you dropped Steparu lol

  15. Art

    the game is really fun but it also got a spyware or so they said and it's on kernel level system and it remind me of riot vanguard which really a bit turn off

  16. Ferrick

    Steparu lucksack

  17. Timotius Rudyanta

    Poor that cat xD

  18. Seungsation

    Enemies seem really tanky. What is the time-to-kill like?

  19. BeThomsen

    always sad to see such beatiful looking worlds while having such awful looking characters. same shit with xenoblade 2.

  20. Notification Email

    so they only offer gacha for their revenue stream? or there is something else? I might plan to play this but I won't spend my time on unsustainable business.

  21. Jack Chen

    Welcome back Step, sorry I can't watch this video entirely I'm too busy playing Genshin Impact

  22. Pondering

    Gonna avoid spoilers- but still gonna let this play in the background to give you those views!

  23. tjohan

    should i try pull on diluc/jean banner or venti banner?
    i really interested on Diluc because he is a copy of Himeko, and Jean for waifu ofc, but i am worry for the pull chance lol

  24. Timothy Chilson

    How do i get the wolf thing that he had in the beginning of the fight?

  25. Neet


  26. No Way

    17 rerolls. No natural 5stars. The cake is a lie.

  27. T3MB3RT

    0:06 for a world 4 like me that shit is a boss

  28. [Sweet_Candeė]


  29. John Bazham

    poor cat ;(

  30. Kawoon Spear

    What's your discord I wanna game with you

  31. Remj_beatbox

    genshin impact = glory?

  32. LiuYe

    The combat is exceptionally fun


    yeah playing on mobile is a no no for later in the game but im enjoying it as of now haha

  34. WeirdCity

    Combat looks a bit messy are you actually doing that stuff or are you just spamming buttons and watching stuff happen? I like games with tight combat please tell me if this game has tight combat.

  35. °•.Anda.•°

    8:45 this boss is so complicated

  36. HyperFragon 25

    Are you kidding me, I look up a video of Genshin Impact and get an AD for Genshin Impact

  37. Nationalism

    so basically zelda breath ofthe wild

  38. Caroyln Kristina

    4:33 ”this is the thing u need.”
    ”Am I right?”

  39. the wrecker of roblox

    I wanna know how to download this game right now!!!!

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