Genshin Impact Childe Rust Vs The Viridescent Hunt Test in 5 Minutes No Ults

Left Screen Viridescent R0 — Right Screen Rust R3. Genshin Impact Rust vs Viridescent both weapons are level 70! Just a comparison between the two, I actually thought that my Rust would do way more damage because R3 vs R0 Viridescent, but the difference isn’t as drastic as I would have imagined.

00:00 Intro
00:11 Test 1 Rust Slightly Wins
00:30 Test 2 Rust Wins
01:23 C0 Current Build Weapons and Artifacts
02:43 Test 3 Chieftain Rust Wins
03:41 Test 4 Grouped Viridescent Wins A LOT
04:15 Test 5 Viri Hold Left Click Test and Suction
04:36 Test 6 Just Dummies
04:56 Test 7 Ranged Test vs Groups Viridescent Wins
05:21 Test 8 Suction Riptides

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Комментариев: 43
  1. mickey Yg

    When you used Rust, did you use Crit Rate Circlet?
    When you used Viridencent hunt, did you switch to crit damage circlet?
    I think the adjustment is required to make a fair comparison.

  2. Wenqiao Ma

    Thanks, nice video.

  3. Atta Moeljadi

    This is kinda unfair because you didn't match the crit stats with the weapon. Also rust is r3 and viridescent is r1.

    I personally choose rust for better aesthetics XD

  4. Rei Ryuuji

    My only problem with The Viridescent is that it doesn't suit Childe's aesthetics at all xD

  5. John Rackham

    Dear 5* Wine-stained Tricorne with main stat Crit Rate,
    Please come home.

  6. Muhummad Khan

    Veridecent compliments everything childe wants to do, which is aoe clear, rust may have slightly better results, but it kinda needs refinement more so than the hunt. Veridecent makes it alot easier to build childe, and the convenience factor of the cc for doing what you already do.

  7. Average Toji Enjoyer

    I kinda care about appearence instead so rust fits him better lmao

  8. Senor Japones

    I have VH, and have a rust now. I will upgrade rust since the difference of damage is way obvious. VH is great for crowd control.

  9. Ri Binder

    I feel like it comes down to if you need more attack or more Crite Rate. I feel like a Viridescent would be best though because you always need Crit Rate and you can make up damage with hydro Cup and attack sands

  10. Mc Len

    Always pick Rust. lmao.. ez Refinement and broken af with the new Artifact.. also don't forget that it's going back and for from melee and bow stance. (The buff I mean) so it's almost always active before you try to swap char.+

  11. Dirk Snowman

    For those who are watching this video after reading Childe's rerun:
    Go for Viridescent Hunt. It has the highest crit rate and extra utilities instead of normal attack damage.
    You absolutely need 70% crit rate minimum if you want to play Childe at his maximum potential to trigger riptide effects on every hits.
    That cannot be achieved with Rust even at R5 without sacrificing crit dmg substats.
    Also 4pc HOD set already increase your normal and charged attack dmg while Rust decreases your charge attack dmg.

  12. Junko Enoshima

    which one is better, The Viridescent Hunt or Amo's Bow for him?

  13. cutekookie

    i'll be getting the viridescent hunt anyways, just for the crit rate, we all prefer crit stat over atk

  14. Fresh Milk

    Virid's cc is too good for me and the crit substats. Unless it's skywardharp i probably won't swap weapons.

  15. The40Forte

    This game really gave me 3 skyward harps tho

  16. Clinton Coutinho

    How about the new free event bow
    The Windblume Ode

  17. Luke23

    You know what?
    Ill do both!

  18. DecayingWill

    To much Crit dmg% with your rust "Build", Skews the results a lot. Crit will help Riptide be applied in melee form, but rust dmg % might take it, still looking for the math but this Video is clearly not it.

  19. BlckOrb

    The hunt bow is honestly better just because it had crit rate

  20. seqingnicole

    I can't tell if this would be better on childe or fischl if i'm tryna run the fireworks comp

  21. Natsu

    Thank god i found this vid. I am literally torn between my r3 rust and the bp weapon that i got today.

  22. tofu _

    :,) I have rust r3 and the passive is so nice, but the atk% stat hurts. I could use bp bow I have at r1 but like rust would be useless then. Rust also looks way cooler on him they match LOL AHHH idkkk

  23. Comtesse Chloé de Chanel

    I have both but the passive ability of VH is not that good in Spiral Abyss 12th floor.

  24. Eye in the Sky

    Viridescent is better just for the fact alone you can drop $10 anytime you want and actually get the thing guaranteed. I've played 500 hours and haven't even had a single rust.

  25. Akio Fujiwara

    Viridescent Hunt for sub dps childe, rust for main dps childe IMO. My main dps is hutao and I put Viridescent on Childe, it's great for crowd control, I use childe melee to suck small enemies in and apply hydro, use his Burst then switch to hutao and use her burst. Crazy damage👍

  26. Kuuroo Simp Tetsuro

    I have an R2 rust and the battle pass Viridiscent. I mainly use Viridiscent hunt because of the extra crit rate, it helps me get the 1-2 crit rate/dmg ratio easier.

  27. Sp1k3 Gaming

    Thanks bro…this is what i need

  28. Sp1k3 Gaming

    I have rust but its R1 so VH R1 is way better

  29. きつきつ

    where did u get these 5* artifacts? in any domain? because I just have the basic ones :/

  30. N F S

    I bought this bow especially for him but I still didn't get him.😭
    So I decided I will wait for Ganyu.

  31. YunG TaFari

    Your childe is way underpowered and wrong setup

  32. SirFlower Pot

    The number from BP bow when group Enemies up is goddamn satisfying

  33. man i just got rust to lvl 80…. do i have to go broke again

  34. Surachet Ongsuksan

    no use artifacts set dmg water 10-15% ?

  35. マシンFei

    Damn thanks i found this i really need opinion either rust or viridescent should i use on my childe,im not convince enough on my comparing.

  36. Froe Loe

    Rust is best for bosses. VHunt is best for mob groups. Rust’s damage is higher than VHunt—no doubt about this. But VHunt’s cyclone clusters enemies together for faster Riptide kill + easier crit rate management.

    Rust damages more but with longer killing time. VHunt kills faster but with less damage. In the end, they somehow cancel each other out. They’re both great.

    Use weapon accordingly. BOTH are excellent for Childe. I have both at R1. I switch depending on the situation.

    (In terms of visual, i can’t deny that Rust looks so good on Childe. Some people value aesthetics; some people value damage output. Whichever side you choose, you can’t go wrong with either Rust or VHunt.)

  37. John MC

    If only the viridescent looked like the Rust design, its best look for Childe'! Rust > Viridescent aestheticwise lol

  38. Braden Earp

    Would viridecent hunt be good for yoimiya

  39. RandomUser

    I like childe's talent sword of torrent, because of that i use viridescent or maybe slingshot (for f2p)

  40. CharrrizardAznable420

    I get why many people prefer Viridescnt Hunt but LOOK AT HOW GOOD HE LOOKS WITH THE RUST ON AHHHHH

  41. Macobus

    holy shit your rust build sucks. boi you need some crit rate.

    and if anyone cant build their tartag without the 20% crit rate from viridescent, your build kinda sucks. ive been messing around with damage calculators, and so long as your artifacts aren't literal dogshit, the rust will out dps viridescent by a significant amount in literally every category (yes including charged attacks)

  42. Webbed Shadow

    Viridescent Hunt is green and reminds me of Luigi, automatically making it better than Rust /s

  43. Ace Cipher

    I have a stats like this with Rust R3
    Crit Rate 48,2 %
    Crit Dmg 151 %
    2 gladiator 2 HoD
    atk 1995
    Do i need more crit rate ?

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