Genshin Impact AR45 Chongyun Gameplay Cryo Cup C0

I’ve been busy, but I finally hit AR45 my artifacts are still weak so I’m gonna go crazy farming now~! I’m thinking of building this Chongyun boiiiiii, I think he has some potential or maybe wait for the new characters. I would farm more Gladiator, but it’s a scam and not a 100% drop rate at AR45.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Cryo vs Atk
00:22 Food and Vial Buff Chongyun
00:58 Pyro Regisvine
01:30 Item Buffing Chongyun in Domain
02:17 Current Build — Work in Progress
03:14 No Item Buff Chongyun

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  1. Rian P

    The most practical video I've seen about Chongyun, other than that one guy that uses him as a support for Bennett

  2. Gustavo Bianco

    Show us your Xingqiu complete build please! Excellent burst damage.

  3. Richard Chen

    Hello I'm a newbie to this game I have Ning Chong anemo basic and barbara as a team but I can't do much against geo boss or time trial can someone can give me advice plz?

  4. Lordoftheapes79

    I've been using him as support for Beidou, but he's quickly becoming my second dps.

  5. Tracey Iknow


  6. 쮼出

    Why i see rarely even use chongyun? I built him because his handsome voice at first but now im addicted to his E skill

  7. Silent Rhymes

    I think Xingqiu is the real mvp of this video honestly

  8. Ahsan Reza

    That doesn't show case his solo ability , when u r using food buffs and support character buffs lol , choose ur title wisely

  9. sol2

    I am waiting for Zhongli's banner, but if I don't get him i'll be happy leaving with a chongyun

  10. Tse Hong Ling

    among the cryo users he is the only DPS capable one at the moment, due to him being a Great sword user. the only 5* Cryo now is QiQi which is more of a healer. the next 5* Cryo is an archer, Gan Yu, seems to be a support char though. not sure if her dmg is good enough to be a DPS like Childe.

  11. Tse Hong Ling

    cant wait for Electro and Cryo Spear users..

  12. John Lawrence

    Feel so cringe hearing english dub.

  13. Septembreeze no.

    Hey, is physical cup useless when he uses his elemental skill? I gotta find out about it

  14. Edward F

    The only great sword user I want 😫 cant wait for his banner with zhongli

  15. Tú Nguyễn Trường Anh

    why would you use Cdmg masque when you're crit rate haven't exceed 50%,

  16. Hayat Redha

    it seem like xingqiu is better than chongyun lmao

  17. A Soap

    0:48 dont remember asking but okay dood

  18. ren pen

    I'm on ar 34 and my chongyun is still on lvl 40 😭

  19. M. Nuruddin

    Mann i gotta pass, i alr spent shitload of xp on my beidou 😔

  20. m

    Having venti is not fair man.

  21. Aloe McQueen

    Can you post your xingqui build

  22. Jah Gaming Jah

    Does Mona work well with Chongyun?

  23. Dantecnor Masiosare

    No le pongas bufos, perro!

  24. Keith Cholmondeley

    I use Xingqiu as my main and Chongyun as support… Chongyun is underleveled but I'll try to build him as a dps

  25. Minh Trọng

    is it me or you aint having C1 Chongyun, hence you skipping all the last hit?

    Edit: Okay i saw your constellation now. So, i might bring my knowledge here to exchange as well:
    The new Cryo Set amplify the Power of Shatter team comp, meaning Chongyun and Xingqiu will be the new meta.
    For Chongyun, i recommened C1 at least, because the last hit deal a significant amount of BOTH Phys (white) and Cryo DMG.
    weapon: Prototype Animus, the new weap in 1.2 is also cracked, if only we know the real sub stats (according to leak, it is Phys DMG oof),
    For NOT f2p, Skyward Pride simply overpowered even Wolf, since the E.Recharge make Chongyun a Ults Spammer.
    Artifact: 1.1: 2 Noblesse + 2 Glad
    1.2 is all in Cryo Set.
    stats: Atk% for Eons, Cryo for Cups, Crit DMG for mask, lack of Crit rate can be cured using 2 Cryo Unit, or the new 1.2 Cryo Set.
    Talent up: this is a DPS build (also who use Support Chongyun? what a waste) so I recommended Autos, Then Ults, because his E upgrade only the duration of Cryo converting when outside of the ring and the first slam + the dropped sword at the end of the ring duration.
    Hope this help, you can correct me if im wrong, we all just want our Chongyun to be acknowledged

  26. Zhao

    Damn- level 78 Chongyun can beat level 90’s faster than my co-op party

  27. Nogamingz


  28. Sahil Sheikh

    Chonguyn has only 1 problem…his own types…thats why I use a pyro member in my team…

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