Genshin Impact AR40 Opening Loot Boxes! Hmmm, Genshin Impact’s AR40 Legendary Artifact rates are good once you hit level 40. Players can look forward to getting a lot of them. BUT the real question is… will you get the right main or sub stats!?! DUN DUN DUN.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Open Venti Ult Breaks All 3 Shields Instantly
07:15 Kekekekekekekekeqinggg
09:00 Wolf Boss Fight
09:50 Legendary Wolf Boss Swag
10:20 Stormterror Fight
11:00 Stormterror Rewards
11:25 Upgrading Best F2P Sword

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Комментариев: 32
  1. Not my real name

    thats a lot of artifact fodder

  2. ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*

    im at ar 33 and having mora issues lol

  3. Kzsa

    that jean on divalin hit like a truck
    what is the setup?

  4. Unknown

    you got me on the stats part well played indeed

  5. Unknown

    but in the end you're all noobs at this game i'm the best player joking don't take this so serious…

  6. Jacoby Sloan

    I want to get where your at but I'm also taking my time to get there as I'm only AR 22 right now

  7. Reticeō Vespillo

    Now, I motivated!

  8. Ary Kurniawan

    damnnn this Venti simulator game just begin at AR 40

  9. hiddenbruh

    Im Ar 34 and i have no idea what to do rn in the game :/,
    i wish the 1.2 update got here faster……

  10. Case Died Well

    Looking forward to rolling DEF % a BUNCH of times as soon as I hit 40 (39.8 right now…) because I KNOW
    all my RNGesus luck got burnt up pulling a Jean and Dulic on 3 SINGLE pulls 2 days ago, lolrip.

  11. TomoDaniel

    How you have so much resin

  12. Vyra

    ar45 is guarantee 5star huhu

  13. hard mode

    These are boring,if you would not have to lvl up your AR no one would be doing them

  14. Bill Vavouras

    It's time to pray to rngesus. If you don't, you get DEF% Goblets

  15. RielVx

    Rolling for good artifact is pain. Resin is pain.

  16. purple hazesin

    What artifact are using on your venti?

  17. Yeest540

    All I hear is "glunk glunk glunk" I'm pretty sure I hear it in my sleep now

  18. Makina Icyterror

    But the chest grind to get there us Hell…

  19. Nudertaker

    Stop giving money to a country that will put you in a slave camp within 20 years.

  20. DxBlack

    They clearly need a "Loot All" option…

  21. Paul Kaufmann

    At ar 45 you habe a 100% drop Chance für 5* =)

  22. Kei Esper

    Got both 5* Gladiator set from wolfie & stormy this week & both had main stat atk% roll. Got 4 pieces now of the gladiator 5* set & someone in my team is about to get huge dmg increase.

  23. Elesis

    i cant wait to build some decent sets. im sitting on ar 39

  24. ZerØ

    So AR45 we will get every time 4 purple and 1 or 2 gold ?

  25. bLAZE

    like the video, just, thats not the best F2P Sword in the Game its Literally Fillet Blade and Iron Sting for most Characters, and Fillet Blade is Blue even, what makes Rancour worse for a lot of Characters is the fact it has Phys DMG Bonus instead of ATK, not saying its a Bad Sword, but its not the "BEST" F2P Sword.

  26. Jin

    Stepu gimme attention.

  27. Angel Bunny

    English voices though >_<

  28. To View

    that feel when no venti

  29. Oh shy

    How long did it take you to hit AR 40? I’m currently AR 37 and it’s over 8k xp every level plus I’m free to play so AR 40 seems so far away

  30. Adure O

    I just want venti ;-;

  31. Ryan Dagoy

    Is it better to farm artifacts on coop rather than single player?

  32. CHONG

    As a AR41 i would not suggest people focus grinding on artificial, the gold drop rate is really depending on individuals luck. I have ever seen people average 5 game just to get 1 trash gold artifact that give u def stats( its very common to get trash artifact). Purple artifact are enough for 40 to 45, only after you have finish grinding all the materials needed then could consider 5 star artifact

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