Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse Gameplay Preview Mobile 幻书启世录

Genesis Masterwork Apocalypse is an upcoming Anime RPG from Netease featuring obtainable characters from various books around the world and throughout time. Here is an edited and shortened down gameplay preview of my first thirty minutes of the game.

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  1. Nightmare

    Thanks for showing gameplay , im learning slowly Chinese haha
    Is this not in taptap? I have not seen it in QooApp either , ill have to speed up learning if they are not there so i can do manual web searches :/

  2. Diogo Caetano

    Actually, it doesn't look bad.

  3. Nightmare

    And here you have a Chinese ARPG maybe you will be interested , so far i found it amazing haha


    Tower of fantasy by perfect world is on alpha test in cn right now?

  5. hard mode

    boring turn based combat…such a waste

  6. Boss Meep です

    wait we have the same mouse icon XD

  7. Hekki

    look interesting

  8. Hot PancakeZ

    0:17 wtf its paimon 😂😂😂

  9. Kamisato Ayaka

    Is there any word about a global release?

  10. Sycogenesis

    Can't wait for the Elyon Kr videos from you and Cryy

  11. Azz-Rushman

    The music is pretty cool, but i just can't click with the graphics.
    Thank you for the content!

  12. Pondering

    Oh crap, there really is a Tentacle Venti!

  13. EsDeaTh *

    Any chance for a english version?

  14. EsDeaTh *

    The map world is a copy of exo heroes

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