Forever 7th Capital Gameplay HD Mobile 《永远的7日之都》

I managed to sneak in the beta, so here is some gameplay!
Just a short gameplay and some of the characters preview. — Game Site — Android CBT — CN (JP Voices)

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Комментариев: 40
  1. DomoHenry

    Just wondering, but why do Chinese games have Japanese voices? Did China made it first or Japan?

  2. Christiano Pinho

    damn this game feels so fit and clean… and is just beautiful. loved It!

  3. Nasmes Kartz

    I must say the sound is poor and boring, why they keep enhancing only graphics quality leave the game incomplete, boring gameplay, control, story, and lack of feature.

  4. Roryyy Mercury

    mobile games are evolving o.o

  5. Kuro

    Step next time tell us in the description if there's an NA version or Global. Just a little something for better viewing, coz sometimes I try to look for the games you're playing some of them come up some don't it would be great to know beforehand.

  6. bram verandong

    where you dl this? 9game?

  7. Random Games

    how you sign this game?

  8. zhu lin

    如果加入moba元素作为PK模式 绝对会很不错

  9. Jeong Kim

    wtf. talk about future of gaming, I still don't do shit on my phone other than text

  10. Dream Is Fun

    step how to register this game?

  11. 博文张

    希望不要太依靠柯金 平衡一些游戏才能走的长远!自从崩坏3到现在好久没有这么高质量的游戏了

  12. Junn Chong

    May I ask what do I do after I finish imputing my phone number?

  13. DirkIsBored LOL


  14. Lohit P.V

    looks similar to honkai impact 3, is it similar or different?

  15. RyzenFlein

    amazing graphic and gameplay like houkai 3rd. but still in CBT, cant wait for this game

  16. RyzenFlein

    amazing graphic and gameplay like houkai 3rd. but still in CBT, cant wait for this game

  17. Sef True

    And I can't play it right now… such a pain! But looks awesome.

  18. valentine garcia

    ill kill someone for a pc version of this game

  19. 你媽麻匹癢囉中國支那畜

    fuck you China demeaning

  20. Hyperion

    china mobile games are really stepping up their game, for reals man.

  21. Trug Hoag

    i can not login this game :(

  22. puppyily

    Wait is this game out? If not, do you know about when it might come out?

  23. Liquid Synapse

    Where the Download??

  24. Master Race

    T_T ah must play♥

  25. malena wong

    How do I get to find this app game so I could play cause it looks so much fun when I watch on YouTube…

  26. Steve Phrasavath

    Indeed alright & thanks again!

  27. 郑妮

    its a Chinese game right?

  28. Benjamin Aristoteles

    This looks really good keep us posted please on release to google play store

  29. Benjamin Aristoteles

    Female only Japan games ugh :-/

  30. Jasper Macariola

    Senpai, what do you use for recording this game? :3

  31. G.M.S Great Men Succeed E.N.T

    America officially sucks makes the worst android games thank you china for all that u have done one anime

  32. バドンカドンク

    Hey can I ask you why the main girl hate me now? Is it because I made the wrong choice?

  33. Marvin Idioma

    Does it have english version?

  34. xanavie5

    Nice graphic but poor sound effect.

  35. Lego Lee


  36. truc do thanh

    Does anyone know error p11 is?

  37. truc do thanh

    I already download it but it say not in get info something unupdated or error p11

  38. Fiell

    how to restore stamina character??

  39. unhappiness

    Way too good. What to do?

  40. jericho Austria

    or as we know it in SEA, Eternal City

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