Final Fantasy XV x Tagatame — Collaboration Event — Story Gameplay — Mobile

From Whom the Alchemist Exist and FFXV Part 1 event started!
Prompto is free from the story while Noctis is in the Gacha.
Aranea, Ignis and Glad is going to be added during the FFXV Part 2.

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Комментариев: 19
  1. Goonium

    Are you playing this on blue stacks?

  2. Lalinha Bolinha

    Se fosse hack in slash seria demais sapoha :D

  3. Ozen Oya

    Steparu buddy how do I download this?

  4. vasilia s

    i shall crush you with the power of my credit caaaardddd!!!

  5. The Blue Moon

    why are there fates characters in a final fantasy game?

  6. Ferrick

    grats on gettin noct step :P
    how many rolls did you get him? I unfortunately have to go all the way to step 3…. but so far he's alright, not Laharl, bashini, zain, gilgamesh, or autima OP, but very versatile character who can take care of himself lol, too bad he's incompatible with all of the swords available atm because his damage scales mostly from magic while the swords are only phys + def/spd stats

  7. Riddif Mandela

    Shit i just love the epic battle soundtrack of FF15.

  8. Zeno

    zzz the rate is so shit as usual had to do 3 steps to get noctis now am all broke rip next collab T.T

  9. RageGoria

    No matter in what game, Ignis's cooking will always satisfy the characters there

  10. Максим Иванов

    Got Noctis in my first pull. Any guides how to save game data if i want to change device?

  11. Okanu_90

    Gilgamesh!? Dafaq of a game is this? STEP!! I'M WET!

  12. 5 Revolts


  13. Tabby Scientia

    Ignis is best waifu

  14. Cubs Popply

    awww when's this game going to come out in english..

  15. messiahad

    Does anyone know how i can unlock armament slots?

  16. chaoschief

    is this Final Fantasy 15 Tactics? =D

  17. Azurenaught

    This game needs more recognition seriously, but my friend said all these collaborations so far seems to be a bad move from gumi just in attempt to promote their game..

  18. Nazif Kassim

    who is the guy with long black hair?

  19. Lazuardi Aldi

    0:13 Gasp!! EDGAR And LOGI THE W.o.L.

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