Final Fantasy XV x From Whom the Alchemist Exist Event Coming Soon

My favorite tactics RPG that I’ve played for over a year now.
A game where male characters shine, I have a bunch of OP boys.
Heads up for those that want to start early or save gems for FFXV Units. — Game Site — Android — iOS

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Character List

Tier List

English Community

FFXV Livestream Event — 5/24

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  1. Jarrod Salas

    Man, i so want to play this game. If only there's an ENG version :( FeelsBadMan

  2. jalil MC

    I can't even download this 😣

  3. Messias Ribeiro

    Do you need to buy crystals to pull in certain gachas or buy certain items in shops? If so the cheaper one is enough?

  4. Leon louie

    i can't search the game at Qoapp what is the name ?

  5. Blue VoltAhoge

    basically Fantasy War Tactics but with Cross-Over Units

  6. the mute

    Thanks for the links step; the community translations and tier list are very helpful.

  7. Ferrick

    step has zain :v, do you also have laharl

  8. Mini Labyrinth

    Im so confused, why is it called final fantasy 15

  9. Tsubasa Yozora Ch.

    Prinny is op. has self heal and can tank.

    Hey steparu I heard co-op mode gives you free gems.

  10. Noctis

    i like that game steparu thank you

  11. AzureRoxe

    Square Enix's desperation to keep shoving FFXV everywhere they can continues.

  12. Tohkomi

    dat Gilgamesh tho

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