Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Amdapor Keep First Boss

The first boss of Amdapor Keep one of the end game dungeons, very easy to farm. I think I ran this dungeon over 50 times now. T_T It’s a good thing you can death pull everything…

2nd Boss Video

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  1. Wings Red

    hay apariencia que esta pegando una pared invisible y las luz putas luces no veo nada

  2. Maleko Saint

    How are ya' liking Warrior tanking now? It's a bit lacking in mitigating functions, but quite a ways more entertaining to tank with than Paladin at the moment. At least for me and such.

  3. Future

    He says the video is too dark, I think this FF needs Luminous Engine XD

  4. Arcaynex

    When you say fates — Do you have any specific hot spots? Any help would be nice as i'm having to re-level due to a sudden switch in servers -.- and if there's a quicker way than questing all the way i'd like to join that bandwagon. Currently level 23 x)

  5. bambam2512

    the fates grind startys around 36 in center coaerthus and then to northen tharalan to fifty takes about 2 days

  6. SkyCake

    Makes me want to play a Lalafell. XD I can't decide between Miqo'te, or Lalafell. Love them both <3

  7. sanwyrth

    He is interviewer many times he is getting boosted from the game's GMs to review end game content which in most game is most fun/impressive.

  8. Arcaynex

    thanks for the info :)

  9. Ziltoid

    make every event you can see. got lvl 20 in a day easily

  10. Mito Requiem

    In this game does it matter what race you play? Like for classes and stuff.

  11. Experiae

    What graphics card do you have?

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