Final Fantasy All The Bravest Midgar Behemoth FEVER vs No FEVER 1080p HD

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  1. PresidentOwnage

    first on steparu lol just kidding

  2. Amiiix

    is this game online or single played ? im so confused on whats going on xD

  3. Radikal Risk

    NICE! erm… whats happening there?

  4. ultama7

    First 28 sec…..WAAAA!?

  5. ultama7

    Something New :D

  6. DimerNL

    only on IOS iirc , looks epic though :D

  7. BakaTakoUwU

    Sigh~ sucks that you have to money sink this game, wouldn't mind paying at like a 20-30 price to unlock every unit n wasting countless hours to play instead of buying . . . . hourglass =/

  8. Nauya

    I retract my old comment, I caved into my absolute love for any sprite based game and bought it. None of the complaints I've heard about this game are really that valid. Gold Hourglasses are totally optional and you DON'T have to wait for your guys to respawn, you can just back out of the fight and go grind more to beat the boss you're on. Also, all premium stuff is not necessary to win or anything. Unless you're THAT obsessed with getting a little sprite Cloud in little sprite Midgar.

  9. Crimen Vereor

    it's single player. you pretty much control all of the characters at once by sliding your finger over them and so on~ but no you cant choose what attacks they use, nor what enemy to target

  10. Anemite

    this is suppose to be a game, yet the gameplay is so shallow and simple, that you can play it while doing something else without looking at the screen, it has zero replay value, the entire DLC cost almost 10 times the base game and isnt even worth it, and having to pay to quick finish the game is just a rip-off
    sure you dont have to pay for DLC, but seriously, the grinding to finish the game is just sliding your finger over the screen for hours, dont tell me that is fun

  11. Fei Wong

    What a fine piece of trash.

  12. TheAverageGuyTAG

    You forgot to mention that you have to pay four dollars to play a game where you're doing the equivalent of mashing the A button as fast as you can.

  13. Nauya

    Yes, and I enjoyed it, sure it's not for everyone but a bit of mindless repetitive action making a ton of flashy things happen can be relaxing. I'm not saying it's for everyone but me and Steparu here seemed to have had a nice time with it.

  14. TheAverageGuyTAG

    There's nothing wrong with button mashing for mindless flashy action. Make us pay for it, and you're a scumbag.

  15. AQWBlaZer91

    This game looks like shit.

  16. AlexM


  17. Orcaluv26

    Can you do a video of you fighting sephiroth?

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