Final Fantasy All The Bravest Boss Gameplay Golbez
Expensive to unlock everything in this game ; ;

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  1. SgtSanchezz

    as fun as this looks…its just a constant mindless fight you cant control the outcome you just better hope your make up works for each fight…

  2. wallmunky503

    Hoooooly… I don't know what I just watched, but it was awesome.

  3. erehinater

    How did you record an ISO app gameplay??

  4. Mike The Gamer

    Ultros AND the guy that does Snort? wow..

  5. Mike The Gamer

    square trying to milk people for their money.. again.. sigh.. how far they have fallen.

  6. John Titor

    Golbez 2 op

  7. ultama7

    Code Geass Wallpaper FTW!!

  8. shinra358

    Y U No have high-def spites!!!!

  9. Mike The Gamer

    just stop already. stop defending obvious milking tactics. they dont need you yo defend them. what the gaming community needs is people who call companies out on obvious bs like this. thats what they did with capcom and their DLC garbage. gamers like you make sick and sad for the future of a very fun hobby.

  10. HiryuIIIV

    You realize unhappy customers = dead company, right? There's no justification that merits greed, and any company that holds a priority of profits over customer satisfaction needs to go bankrupt.

    It may be a main reason for a company to exist as a business, but any business worth its salt understand that a fundamental requirement to its livelihood are CUSTOMERS, yet gaming companies have forgotten that it seems, so no, "you realize they are a business, right"? Holds no water at all.

  11. Slider2k

    That doesn't excuse ripping off shit like this. Besides, there are business ethics.

  12. Mike The Gamer

    and do you realize you can make money without gouging the hell out of fans? why are you defending them?!?!?!

  13. Random PlayerMode

    how stupid ppl have become deserves more sigh than that…

  14. moosecat00

    I guess you have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

  15. Nauya

    I can understand the hate over Theatrhythm but this game isn't that bad on the cash gouging, it's only that bad if you're SUPER DESPERATE to get your little sprite based Cloud in your little sprite based Midgar. The entire game is playable without succumbing to any of the in app purchases. Answer me this, was there ever a FF game that let you respawn your entire party mid boss fight because you were ill-prepared? No, so just back out of the fight, suck it up, and grind more before trying again.

  16. DerpForce

    Wheres the gameplay?

  17. lunarbasis

    I think FF9, FF8 had an item (not entirely sure which games had which) to summon a Phoenix, where you bring back any fainted party members, completely heal everyone on your team, as well as damage whatever boss you're fighting. Cheap last resort kind of thing, but you had the option to use it if you wanted to.
    This was when you only had to pay once for the game to have everything, instead of where you have to pay for each section of the game, even console games with day-one DLC are overdoing it.

  18. HiryuIIIV

    I'd LOVE to see someone actually do a play-through from start to end on this game and see how long it takes before you're at max slots with the best gear you can get (at the moment of where you are in the game), and still face a stage where you MUST use an hour-glass, or you'll never make it passed.

    Because from the looks of it: SE gives you 2 free hour-glasses, but has set stages where it's a BIG incentive to use those said freebies early on, so are there any other future stages like this?

  19. TheSalamanderMenace4

    This looks worse than Lightning Returns, if such a thing could be possible. This is pandering to the extreme; it is the first game to which a black screen would be preferrable, and that includes Big Rigs, Sonic 06, and numerous shovelware. It is literally the worst thing ever.

  20. Nauya

    First, that item sounds pretty cheap, also, did it let you use it when everyone in your party was already dead?

    Second, yeah I get why people hate the so called "premium" content even though it's not that "premium" but the base game alone, for me at least, felt like a complete experience without paying any extra cash. I am not, however, defending what SE has been doing with the pricing on their things. I just think this game deserves a little less hate because it's actually kinda fun.

  21. Zarkyun

    Actually not all devs make games just to milk money, indie devs are a perfect example of this. Don't generalize the actions of some devs to represent the entire game dev industry.

  22. lunarbasis

    Looked up phoenix on FF Wikia (good read for nostalgia and finding out more things you never realized the games had), ff8 has an item that later becomes a luck based summon, and ff9 only one person can learn the summon. 9 had the auto life ability so if everyone faints, they'll come back with enough time for a turn, so in a way, yeah, you could come back fully healed midway in battle.
    I can understand, people will find it fun, others won't, for me the problem is SE only cares about money now.

  23. The Hurricane

    You know, if Square actually made good games, I'd give them my money

  24. w8F61xwVxA

    LOL i like all the (original) music of final fantasy in one game and all the monsters :D

  25. CrimsonKn1ghts

    lol dudes are tellin' me I'm arrogant for saying that

  26. Kira1Lawliet

    I am a die-hard FF fanboy, and even I find this repulsive. Whoever's responsible must vanish from this world.

  27. Orcaluv26

    Please tell me sephiroth is in this game! Is he?

  28. Fatitious

    Maybe, in midgar

  29. Fatitious

    I'm at neo exdeath

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