Figureheads TPS Xenogears Mecha Final Gameplay All Pilots & Shop Preview

The game is shutting down soon. A waste to see all the assets go.
A remake wouldn’t be bad or a whole new different genre on Steam! — JP — TPS Mecha & Robots — PvP / PvE

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Комментариев: 17
  1. Duke Nemean

    US maple story2 coming may 9th are you going to get in ?

  2. Andrew Blackburn

    That really is a waste of assets… they could just get an English translation team to port it over, I'm sure there is a possibility of a dedicated fanbase somewhere.

  3. wolfdragons XIII

    Its kinda hard to get a scale on the mechs since the map kinda makes them look small. Can can confuse them with RC robots.

  4. Ferdi dwi

    port to mobile it would be awsome

  5. Jason Silvery

    One way to not waste all the assets is to make it into a single player game.

  6. Voitan

    Waste of a godtier mech.

  7. Wolfie71

    Xenogears like.. from old JRPG? or different?

  8. Nightmare

    will you play the boku no hero game from bandai namco step?

  9. MrTea

    Any reason why its shutting down?

  10. Sendagaya Yukimiou

    ahhh. im so sad cuz its shutting down.. that was so good with good actions, fun and awesome music. Another good game shutting i'm feel myself like when Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded shut down.. sad asf

  11. Cress

    5:37 woah omega weltall

  12. Ferrick

    Rest in peace Figureheads, you had potential but your issues made you hard to enjoy, especially when you're one of the very few mecha mmos left

  13. Duke Nemean

    what time is maple story opening today?

  14. Sever Teran

    wait what happened???

  15. Matthew Joshua Sosito

    I really want to play this game soon but I am very sad that this game gonna close soon. Sigh such a bad timing T_T

  16. Ivan Salcedo

    It was mind-blowing to see Next Gen Wanzer Units and Xenogears Mechs. Makes me put faith in a Remake of XenoGears along with a New Front Mission Game with Gameplay Mechanics of the PS3 Game.

  17. Brady otter

    Man I would love to see a special Xeno game that let's you use machines through out the series in battles like this. I guess that machina game on the switch is the next closest thing.

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