Faith of Danschant HD Story Gameplay Part 7 Darkness

Almost near the end of the game. Totally confused with the story.
The next video will be the final boss, ending, credits, and stuff~! — PC — Singleplayer — CRPG

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  1. AnotherdayArt


  2. Taiga 20K

    I'm mabye 2nd BUT I also wanna eat Steparu's ass 😍😍😍

  3. MommaLily

    A Dynasty Warriors-like game but with story? So is it Chinese-rpg game? :o

    Edit: derp, I should read the description. But nice! This is seriously interesting!

  4. Bs Kata

    Amazing game

  5. dougfax

    The begining looks like A LOT A LOT A LOT like the main city in Revelation

  6. Kirara Yukihara

    Maybe wait for English patch

  7. Zero Gunz

    So… its combat is like FF13?

  8. derekisazombie39

    I wish the FF7 remake was just done like this. But Square will find a way to F it up I'm sure…

  9. Tkmisere

    Princess Carry a loli? Good shit.

  10. THE_ TRX

    China final fantasy xiv a realm reborn!?

  11. Bubi006

    final fantasy chinese version~ lol

  12. Jaime Cabello

    Guys in fact games like this and Gujian 3 are much better than SquareEnix SHIT in 2019

  13. Caylvanyth

    I can't seem to do the last boss even when I have all dodge skills up. The meteorite still hits my team and his arrow single target focus kills my character (894 x 5 )

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