Faith of Danschant HD Story Gameplay Part 1 & Big Boss Fight

This game finally came out in the USA Steam Store page, no English version yet.
A supposedly good story! Enjoying it a bit even if I don’t know what’s going on. — PC — Singleplayer — Chinese — Turn-based

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Комментариев: 32
  1. self1sch

    I wonder if there ever was a turn based mmorpg? Would be kinda cool to be in a party of 4 or 6 and just attack one after another. Only problem would be the wait time in between your attacks I guess :D

  2. Ron kevin

    Step! I know this is not related to the video but I'm waiting for ur GvG video on BDM

  3. Kodo Hh

    Why i live here….. Jesus everyday i see awesome games , but never in this country . So fking sad …….

  4. Lucky Yolo

    This looks realy cool. Wish they had subs.

    Man I love games with those types of animations. Do you know of any other games with this level of animation and graphic?

  5. Jewbelno Korenaki

    So uhh this free to play?

  6. RavinKaito

    Thanks for showing this!

  7. Shuyu

    Moonlight Blade v.xxxxx0018

  8. Floyd Dominique

    wow this looks pretty good

  9. 潘承功


  10. Nightmare

    15:48 "Fuck" ? LOL i just jumped the video to that

  11. Enhanced Nero

    Chinese final fantasy?

  12. Toan Nguyen

    LOL. what kind of combat is this? it looks like a JRPG and it should have been an offline game.

  13. Raydeus

    It's just sad that I have so little faith in Squeenix I think this game is probably better than what we are going to get in the FFVII remake. (一。一; )

  14. 洪明鹏

    seems like story pretty interesting

  15. MrPRInce

    steparu, so i assume you can understand mandarin?

  16. purextreme

    Cool the new final fantasy X-3 😅

  17. M. HAMDANI

    I hope they put this on PS4.

  18. blulaguna18

    Omg this game looks so good wtf. This is the kinda rpg I wanna see

  19. Samuel Moring

    there is no cmbination attackk

  20. wallmunky503

    15:48 F*ck

  21. Jaime

    The little girl's voice is pretty annoying lol

  22. SinPunisher

    Guy: Fuck.
    Girl: What the fuck!

  23. Daniel Ribeiro

    Hey steparu, what's your pc config?

  24. ရမ္းျဗဲ သားေလး钄敌


  25. AeroHydra

    Man lol thankfully I understand Chinese, so I guess I'll buy this game then teehee.

  26. Adon Romadhon

    weh weh weh weh

  27. Sasu Attiogbe Redlich

    thas like final fantasy, right ?

  28. Darren Lustre

    someone mod this for an english sub already lol

  29. JenPudding

    Are there any games which are similar to this one on Nintendo Switch, anyone?

  30. Guillermo Sanchez

    man if only this one got English lang, its soo cheap on steam


    This one got the Final Fantasy turn based vibe, wish it had english subs

  32. ApexPredator

    Looks good, sucks that it's not on consile.

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