Faith of Danschant Environment Trailer Unreal Engine 4 《神舞幻想》

A beautiful looking upcoming Unreal Engine 4 game.
They’re also planning on revealing it at E3 Game expo this year. — Game Site — PC — CN — NOT ONLINE — Facebook

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  1. Elisei Danciu

    Reminds me of first time when i saw PWI

  2. Radical Fence Sitting

    So much talent and effort spent on a game that will inevitably be shit :(

  3. Mineduse Bt


  4. Shaolan

    lets be honest ! as beautiful as it is ! poeple will always skip all this shit to just FIGHT or do stuff ! so Show us combat and gameplay or just dont show anything, yes im looking at u game devs.

  5. Acedus

    Please have unique combat, please have unique combat, please have unique combat

  6. Tuấn Vũ

    my eyse is broken :v

  7. Ionuts Ionut

    Please don't fail, also please be optimized and dont suck thx

  8. Shane Bovell

    Tired of looking at fucking upcoming MMO's that never see the light of day or that never come to the west. Its so pointlessly annoying. Haven't played a good MMO since GW2 and on the f2p scene, God knows how long.

  9. YoshTG

    they should take the mechanics / combat from dragon nest, the pvp system from blade & soul and the graphics from this faith of danschant and put it into 1 game. that is what i would like

  10. Oleg Chebeneev

    Looks pretty amazing and I never even heard about this game before. Steparu, do you know anything about it?

  11. ace law

    I am from china, i just want to say this game is not online game.

  12. MrExerionz

    asian fantasy world is much better than european medieval fantasy world :)

  13. Steparu

    Single-player (Not Online) just to clear things up.


    another wusha shusha Chinese generic crap :P?

  15. Zerye Wen

    城里那些NPC动作重复那么假, 场景做的再唯美也没用

  16. D D

    im glad it's not an MMO, and thank goodness it's not a mobile game. Chinese devs/publishers are just as bad if not worse than Korean and Japanese MMOs in terms of making their games shitty cash cows.

    hopefully they'll actually focus on story, character development, and fun gameplay.

  17. Eharan L

    definely want to see more games that based on ancient chinese culture, the music, environment, martial art, and clothing are really cool

  18. Not Lives

    ahhh memories = ^ =

  19. Albert Y

    Some designs are adapted from Chinese myths. I love this style very much. Those flying fish are amazing and fancy!

  20. DireConsenquences

    Will this be an open world rpg like Skyrim, where I can do lots of stuff and customize my character in different ways? Will I be able to make choices in my dialogue that will affect the world I am in?

  21. Sarah Ma


  22. NookDeSus

    1:21 wtf is with that big-headed dwarf?!

  23. Iva Wing

    Instead of an ordinary public game with degrading toxic online crowd — it will be Your game, with Your interactions, with Your rules, with a fun that You will create within it.

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