Exos Heroes CBT Gameplay Legendary Characters Skill Preview & 300 Draws Mobile

An early look on Exos Heroes and some of the Legendary OP chars!
No voices, perhaps they’re still deciding on where to localize it first?
The game feels pretty much like an Anime version of OVERHIT~!

Korean Links

Uhh, once you have the game downloaded.
You’ll need a VPN to INITIATE the 2GB DL.
Once it begins, you can turn off the KR VPN. DL & Play.

The 2nd half of the video is a 30 roll event after CH1 story.
You will only get to pick 1 batch out of 30×10 rolls.
Very Similar System to Epic Seven / Overhit.

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Комментариев: 39
  1. Yuuta Kazuki

    Hmm… well i think Kings Raid is already good..

  2. Ovan TriEdge

    Nice I guess I should try a Android emulator one day for this.

  3. lyn

    how are the rates ?

  4. Vladdracul Minas

    This game might make me leave king's raid.

  5. Orphen Kirylancello

    No Voice Over? Is it deaf??whatdafaq is this..

  6. watabou

    @3:04 … that is such a copy of Raven's Instant Kill attack from Guilty Gear.

  7. philthee04

    This is going to make games like Epic Seven become a lot better, this is a beautiful game.

  8. Tre Deloatch

    This is like if Battle Fantasia got a Gacha

  9. ddifi66126

    The art style is beautiful. I would definitely play this. The sound design needs some work though. Combat doesn't feel impactful at all.

  10. Keele Zeibel

    Only problem for me is not much caharcter voice for unit

  11. Erick Xander

    The summon rate looks bad 😅

  12. Thain's Games

    Sound effects are awful…why is it same impact sound for everything.

  13. Lordstrell

    Devs seriously need to build on what they had already started in King's Raid. Not sure why nobody else aims towards a gacha model like that. Gacha games like this are where you never get the characters you want. Give the players more control of their team compositions vs. RNG and you will natural draw them to be spenders.

  14. Jaden Tran

    so where can I get this game?

  15. Matty Roccz

    No global….like 3 years maybe lol

  16. Qopa

    Out of all the Gacha games I've played, this game is probably the cleanest.

  17. Runeserpent

    busy playing epic seven

  18. cedric jocelyn

    Gameplay Seems a bit slow


    Anyone know why I can't find this game on Google Play Store?

  20. Carl Springer

    Is the artist the same terra battle? Kimihiko Fujisaka

  21. Rinvi Ventura

    Take away its colorful graphics and what you're left with is essentially watching paint dry(autobattle, at least from the looks of it.).

    When're mobile games going to take combat seriously and do away with this overused lazy mechanic. I'm happy to be proven wrong.

  22. Mind Blown

    I love these characters, but Im no a fan of this type of gameplay by just tapping attack, defense, healing. Less challenging from my opinion.

  23. Brandon Le

    The game is weird, battle takes too long, guys are too fems

  24. Rainer Luiz Fonseca

    looks a bit generic, and too slow

  25. BM03


  26. SANOTI

    Looks like a worse Over hit.

  27. Kima Pachuau

    reminds me of The Last Remnant

  28. Tiramisu Desu

    I like the graphics. I'm tired of looking at chibified fight scenes.

  29. nozenkyuzero

    Gameplay looks lame just another game where its grindy

  30. Lucas Tsao

    Thank i cum mí pant

  31. Crosspass


  32. vasilia s

    yeah it looks good but still it looks like one of those glorified seven knight game

    like, the gameplay is so so just with 3D tall and bounce physics

  33. udin-san

    skill animation is nice but they are too long.

  34. Jausha Bakkas

    it's sad tho! with that graphic they can make action game like honkai, tottaly shame.

  35. Robert Sero

    First Overhit and now this, although I more leaning to Exos game atmosphere.

    Definitely will try the game because of the stunning UI and character design, not forget to mention the music are so amazing.

    Brings me back when playing Suikoden V on PS2

  36. keyewl

    Looks and sounds great

  37. zaph

    when is this coming to global? THIS LOOKS FKIN GOOD

  38. ochibi131

    Did you do an english patch? Seems like it if so can you tell me how?

  39. Ryu Gaming

    10:57 music?

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