EverQuest Next конференция 1 часть

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  1. Alpanec

    не могу дождаться, долго играл во второй Эверквест, по моему лучшая MMORPG на данный момент

  2. Thrashersam

    dude i cannot wait for this game im going to shit myself!!!!!

  3. TheRushfx

    its gonna be on ps3 too ! awesome

  4. Stephanie Badillo

    Yahhhh maylung 60ninja clw server cosa nostra rep!!! I cant wait

  5. peetree91

    Cant wait for this game i want IT NOW!!!!!!

  6. Sergey Z

    any news about eq3?… can't find anything but very old articles…

  7. SequelFinalNight

    EverQuest 2 new released content has gone done the drain — I hope SoE plans on making a master piece and not just milking the title. It's also going to take a miracle for EverQuest Next to take on all the new big titles coming out. After people seen what happen to EverQuest and EverQuest 2 people are really scared of this company.

  8. Turφ ¼²°

    @Kingsuvleon i hope that happens, would be easy for them to do, and millions would return to the game i know i would.

  9. Blanket Bearer

    I can't wait for this to be released… Hope that it brings a lot of people back to this title. The devs of eq give back to the community more than any other mmo that i have played…as far as content released and community concerns.

  10. A Wad

    I really hope Everquest Next brings back what made EQ1 great.

  11. Дмитрий Конюхов

    Сделайте графику игры так что бы i7+GTX7xx+32Gb ddr3 трещали по швам и еле еле дотягивали до среднего уровня =)))

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