Epic Seven Gameplay Animated Mobile RPG Grand Opening

The Animation in this game is really Epic! Global Version later this year~!
FREE 10 rolls 30 times, Claim ONE of the 10 rolls within the 30 retry limit!
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https://epic7.smilegatemegaport.com/ — Korean Site — Google and App Store.

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Комментариев: 39
  1. Savage Sleepy

    This game looks pretty cool, something that I'd be into. The gameplay is similar to Danmachi Memoria Freese, which is not a bad thing as I love that game. The voice acting is nice and the special moves are badass. My only minor issue is the character models when fighting, they look a little choppy. From what I've seen from the comments, this game will get a global version soon, which is awesome. Definitely will be getting this game when it releases on global!

  2. Its Benny

    How to use the units that we summon?

  3. YumiYuna

    I want to play it now

  4. hahaha Strife

    Where did you download it ?

  5. Steparu

    Apparently the game defaults to low textures. See HD textures in my next gameplay!

  6. Arc Ikbal

    is this game based on the novel story ?

  7. Anubis

    Op game 😍


    No english?

  9. Vaughny Knight

    Any games like this or ffbe or grand summoners?

  10. Rudolf Wisteria

    I saw boobs and …

  11. Deddy Pranata

    if its release in english, it will be rival for seven knight

  12. cuncun winata

    Mind to tell use its size?

  13. INeonDxst

    Looks like tales of Erin

  14. bumbayker

    If this game is coming to the West I fear it will get heavily censored.

  15. Mark Christian Lopez

    i see boobs swaying .. ofcourse ill hit like

  16. Reimagine

    you need a vpn right?

  17. Klamy Dia

    I'm loving it but the guesswork is where I'm losing it when trying to unlock paths so I'll just wait for global release. Gorgeous animations and I hope they keep the 30 re-roll feature for global release as I didn't know that's what it was until I confirmed my 6th re-roll and it went away… definitely wish I saw this vid earlier so I fully understood what was going on lol.

  18. Jesus Fernandez

    is there an english version of this game???

  19. Hey You

    I hear gacha's way worse than FGO

  20. Flux Supreme

    Boobs always being used for marketing strategy

  21. Shadow_Ryu

    Just got this game today and it's freaking awesome, can't wait till english release.

  22. Milky Town


  23. FlippeR FlappeR

    I bet its another gacha game

  24. Ismael HDalyth

    Thats some good animation

  25. Leh Jiztahh

    I hope this game gets a global version soon :)

  26. Denny Halim


    join with us in EpicSeven GLOBAL facebook group community =)

  27. Arduino

    Feel like Seven Knights

  28. Demonteizer

    Donde lo descargo??

  29. Vallecend

    Actually great the fuck

  30. comp1810

    is this global???

  31. Comboer

    Too bad she wasnt in a doujinshi, those tentacles wouldn't have been quite as "fierce" with their thrusting technique.

    I'm sold though, the heroes just legit got slapped in front of us, that a gonna be a thing to see.

  32. Caio Vinicius

    Prefiro Dragon Blaze!

  33. Dashay _Tha_Deity

    Reminds me of a better final sky

  34. Prabha Senju

    Pre-registration is up on playstore for english version!

  35. Axels Santoso

    Lol im sorry but this just looks terrible in my opinion

  36. Jagan Bobby

    Wow this stargy game is awesome it's like old school game

  37. king oscar

    anime name

  38. The Dustwalker
  39. Nick-zigzag267

    So I’m played but my phone glitched everyone but the main grey haired kid dies??

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