Epic Seven Anime Intro Movie — HD Textures Gameplay — New Summon Obtained

I ended up playing Epic Seven all day yesterday, finished my rerolls~!!
The game definitely gets harder later and you can’t auto boss fights XD.
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  1. Game Fanz

    Korean can make many great anime but it still will be outshined by k-drama, k-game and k-pop. But don't you know that tons of anime from Japan actually involve korean hands inside.

  2. Anubis


  3. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    great movie ⇒ then typical turn base mobile game…

  4. MagiaErebea-gaming


  5. Nuke Destro

    The loli Queen 😏 😏 0:56

  6. Rey

    Is it all characters was female? Why I don't see male character 🤔

  7. Young

    the music for the intro feels horribly misplaced, it needs something very energetic

  8. cuncun winata

    Size info pls

  9. Khrlazfr Adnan

    epic 7 vs seven knight 🧐

  10. Benoit Andre

    Hiya Step ! how do you play with this HD textures ? i have the same nox config than you but i'm still stuck with low textures.. Good vid as always .

  11. kaleng kuat

    Step when should I stop reroll? When summoned a 5* unit or more?

  12. simon Lee

    Another Korean mobile….pass..

  13. EnpatsuQc

    Great video as always <3 Did they released a date for global?

  14. Riddif Mandela

    Ahh this should have collaboration in the future… From recent anime or even mobile game… i'd love to see collab chara to do the skills.. i want to see the animation…

  15. karlongkar

    The screen shakes too much , hope there's a fix for that…

  16. Wildwolface77

    Very interesting! Now I can't wait to play this game on mobile! ^.^

    …I do hope my phone has enough memory, though…. ~_~

  17. weapon

    Step, do you happen to have discord? >,>

  18. 0xes Art

    been playing this allot since release lol the game has allot! animation is top notch! never had so much fun ! cant wait for new updates and characters!

  19. Cape of Storms

    it just like destiny child + GBF + FGO for me

  20. Grenoir

    how to change graphic to high quality? my character kinda blurry.

  21. Gading Clips

    I need more video pleasee !!

  22. Enhanced Nero

    The animations are really solid, especially when there's a transition between game sprite animation and anime-like moves

  23. Rafael Rangel

    how to play in korean server plz?????

  24. Rafael Rangel

    im trying to play this game since yesterday but can pass in log in

  25. Rafael Rangel

    what countries can play this game???

  26. Martin Reese

    Wow this is a crazy beautiful game. Reminds me of Granblue fantasy but more fleshed out with visual effects :o

  27. Tie Chee Weng

    im impressed how impressive the animation to compare with a typical anime

  28. Blank O

    I want that music xD

  29. Fruitjuice

    Mmhhh…never been much of a fan of these kind of game with turns and all that, but this one maybe makes an exception, just…don’t give me the Korean voices please, it’s so annoying, I prefer Japanese

  30. YabiGalit

    @steparu is this gameplay played on emulator?

  31. Denny Halim


    join with us in EpicSeven GLOBAL facebook group community =)

  32. Ry D

    Any news on english vers release steparu? Have mercy on us who cant understand or read korean :S

  33. UsOsArSa

    3:55 when my boi reversed time is so fucking EPIC

  34. Lisa Parker

    This anime intro and song is amazing but I got no lyrics when I watched mine :(

  35. NumberZ Letter0

    the one at the start looks like prince aither, hope not cus its… a trap

  36. blkwng

    God damn it, almost fell for the aither trap again when he was crying at the beginning. This needs to stop.

  37. Austin Snyder

    Definitely needs an anime adaptation! But it should not be owned by Crunchyroll or Funimation

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