Epic Seven Animated RPG Various Characters Gameplay Global Coming Soon

The English version of this game is Coming Soon, I do recommend it!
After two months of endless grinding, here are some of my characters!
https://epic7.smilegatemegaport.com/world?lang=en — Global Pre-Register — Anime RPG

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  1. YoraiDragon

    Man step, I personally hate mobile games… (sucks too much battery life, and I prefered handheld consoles like Vita/3DS). But this game…. THIS GAME IM HYPED FOR AYEEEE~

  2. Nahuel Charlie

    Looking good! i hope it has a jp vo option or something for weebs like me hahaha

  3. fatjoe460

    Not sure which character I would want to reroll for. Either the scantly clad fire mage or psycho water nun🤔

  4. Hollow

    Step are you going to re upload the Lost ark OBT trailer?

  5. Jose Daniel Martinez

    Im waiting this in english. Same goes for ragnarok eternal love.

  6. Luke Martinez

    What type of game is this😒

  7. Eduardo Cabrera

    what emulator do you recommend to play when the global version comes out?

  8. __

    People said this is p2w? F2P unfriendly? Which part?

  9. Azz-Rushman

    2:00 that combat stance is similar to that of mai shiranui.

  10. Oscar Cortina R

    This game looks insane!! Love the art, animation vids , the gameplay!!

  11. Auras Edge

    Is the Halloween chara available in gacha?

  12. Hakuna Matata

    Damnit, my will saving throws are too vunerables against fire spells 😍💕 … or something like that 😏✨…

  13. yangusis

    Is this waifus only?

  14. Francisco Samuel

    How did u get the girl with the sickle? Is it possible to get her on those 30 pulls?

  15. samueltan8512


  16. Atomictoaster

    that animation is really something allright

  17. Raja Nadzmi Syazwan raja mahmood

    Logic or not gacha is very difficult for omnyouji or not

  18. Ace mvp

    Should have been called Legendary Seven ;)

  19. Arphaxad Basiloña

    I saw boobs…so I'm gona play this game…now to buy a new android phone to handle this…

  20. Fragarach

    Is this game going to get JP dub? I'm just not used to it not being JP. Even chinese games go JP nowadays so it's kind of hard to go back.

  21. Pedro Lucas

    Will the accounts be reset or not?

  22. Chloe Wang

    That looks pretty cool. Seamless anime cut scenes streamed into the gameplay

  23. Ariel Clark

    I'm so glad youtube recommend me this.

  24. McKaos

    the voice acting seems really off putting imo

  25. Novan Catur Wahdhana

    I play on Nokia 3310 and it's work. That's ok

  26. Itay Sena

    Already playing Koran version, this game is good, char 3* can help you beat Chars with 4 or 5*

  27. Riddif Mandela

    Kind of repetitive with that animation, i hope they add 1 or 2 more alternate animation, or make it more harder to use the skill, like add gauge or need some kind of activation or points…

  28. DigiCube4

    for the first time..a mobile game that looks worthy to me.

  29. Balalaika Channel

    I hope this game can 5 vs 5 it will be epic.

  30. Redsnake QC

    i wonder why they dont release games like that on pc with more skill per character

  31. Magikarp

    Does this game needs a life or no life gaming? Tq

  32. Izayoii Games

    Love this game, I just know this game yesterday,

    This game has cool animation skill than seven knight

  33. Alan Barbosa

    Can i ask how do you reroll with 3 accounts in same time using bluestacks?

  34. asyik aunur

    Is this game has guild war and pvp featured?

  35. Lesphirou

    The animations are really gorgeous, but I'm not fond of this art-style. I wish we could get a game with that level of animation and the art syle of Dragon Blaze.

  36. Anthoni Vedovato

    Serilla,sexy witch i'm Iike this but who's she the Sexy Dancer Catgirl in 1:37 in this video?

  37. Taya Tong

    game copying princess redive from cygames…… princess redive is more cute , beautiful and fun.

  38. Dragmine

    is this Pay to win??

  39. kieran pearson

    6:47 i saw her click her fingers like mustang. I want her now xD

  40. Dennamen

    Meh, flashes with size of nuclear explosion unable to kill some snek. What is sure it kills is voluptuous view of anime girls

  41. · Akutabi ·

    1:26 You're welcome

  42. Trichas Gaming

    I play this game a lot, really A LOT..nearly putting my life on this game but iam F2P player..so ican say that this game not p2w..
    Power comes with equipment in this game.. Equipment be like 70% of ur power..so keep enchance it, no need to call this game p2w

  43. Shag

    Its like Dokkan animation but better


    Moon light Characters FUCK

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