Elyon Shrooms and Tentacle Grinding

Ever wondered what’s it like to grind as a Healer in this MMORPG? Throwing Mushrooms and Summoning tentacles is the best way to go~! I’ll show other builds later like full support and other stuff. I like this build the most for PvE grinding and questing since you pretty much delete everything with shrooms.


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  1. Golden Tiramisu

    that hit sound effects get annoying real fast

  2. iRhys Monroe

    i love grinding on tentacles

  3. Yann Pennaneac

    sound design in this game is one of the worst i ever heard -_- "Jean Michelle bruitage"

  4. DJ Queen

    Grinding auto mode

  5. 山村貞子

    the game looks like shit from 2010 lol

  6. Vampir Zhul

    Tentacle grinding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. discoverer

    every year many people crying about mmorpg., they are saying There is no any mmorpg can play. so, making an mmorpg game is not as easy as it seems. please be respectful and give every new mmorpg game a chance. you may try the game and not like it. then you also have the right to close the game and delete it. But for the producers who developed that game over many years, this is a huge damage and a bad end. Please be more mature in this matter.

  8. Skimzee

    its black desert grinding style all over again. Really tired with this korean grinder game.

  9. No Way

    I really like the sound design of this game but I can't wait for people to grow out of chromatic aberration. Yuck. Eye cancer. Everything else is nice!

  10. Ovan TriEdge

    Looks fun😎😎

  11. Bedwyr

    So Stepy, does this game reminds you of Tera online? o:

  12. A PassBy Lad

    Is it okay for me to fell disappointed after gotten so hyped when seeing "tentacle grinding"?

  13. AnimeManiac4Life

    When I saw that walking on the water doesn't make any splash effects any ripples something to make it feel real that kind of kills it for me, this ruin immersion it makes it feel fake very disappointing that they let this like that.

  14. KAI3Kuroseiga

    This looks very subpar but I'm glad you're still around Steparu

  15. Azdaho Tarozu

    Elyon or Lost Ark ? Personally I prefer Lost Ark.

  16. DevilsKings

    I love it, but sadly if it's Asian, it's p2w, no doubt about it.

  17. Thehell88

    Grinding…. no plz no another BDO

  18. Cyburn Lists

    Well… i dunno… this Game… looks like crap (not the graphics) :s

  19. Mehmet Atar

    what was that 5:39

  20. Nightmare

    Nice video! The class looks better now , will see later.


    love the fact every class in this game has aoe's and even healers feel amazing in pve

  22. Floyd Dominique

    healer FTW !!

  23. Nenad Dagon

    Stepp, please make your sites https (Secure) u will lose people without it, most leave the site when they notice! Keep up the good vids man

  24. Viett

    So what is / are the best MMORPG games (either KOrean / Japanese) right now?

  25. Cark Rowland

    That mushroom sound effect is so satisfying tho

  26. Andreas Höhn

    the assshake is gorgeous

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