Elyon PvE Party Dungeon Short Gameplay

Here is the first party dungeon encounter in Elyon Online. Nothing special in this boss battle seems pretty straight forward just dodging stuff. Dodging is still tolerable with 200ms. The boss does enrage after awhile so it also becomes a DPS race, if your team doesn’t kill it in time it will become immune to all damage and wipe everyone.

Game Site: https://elyon.game.daum.net/main
Platform: PC MMORPG
Region: South Korea

#Elyon #ElyonOnline #MMORPG

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Комментариев: 50
  1. Spilo

    here another copy paste Asian game

  2. Caccia Madonne

    The combat is pure aids, cant see shit

  3. Campalampin

    That clicking on item pickups is annoying af. Is there an option to remove that sound in beta?

  4. Numina

    Visually looks great except for those animations, very clunky :/

  5. Okami

    good to see you again mate , btw this gameplay look the same , its a tab target , after i heard they made a rebot to the game and they changed the name i thought it gonna be something completly different

  6. Law Effect

    This on console too?

  7. Robert Young

    Not bad looking, but def not the next massive MMO.

  8. The Shape

    It feels like a discount black desert + lost ark to me.

  9. Sega Katakura

    It's Blade & Soul 2? :/
    Interface, target system, some skills, graphics — everything looks like B&S

  10. Konna Bonna

    hi Steparu, more videos of elyon please, thx.

  11. Medina

    Tera 2.0

  12. Bora Sumer

    If you wanna get blind in a year, play this game, definitely.

  13. Alter Gaming

    When will it come to SEA!!!

  14. ceesay2010


  15. Greavesy399

    That chiming would drive me insane after about 20 mins

  16. Abner Galdames

    Target + smash the keyboard?

  17. A L I E N S

    you gotta admit tho, their monster designs are pretty good(cept for the boss)

  18. Arlindo Melo

    Looks like a bad version of ESO.

  19. FLOU

    for me this game looks like it started as a top down game at development stage , then they changed their mind and made it 3rd person …. you can see it in all the animations if you look closely , and you can see that's why it's hard to see the telegraphs sometimes . i feel like it's made for top down gameplay .

  20. 123Goenitz

    That "ding ding ding" noise, so annoying…

  21. Jesse Worth

    This will be dead on launch, this game has no soul to it. Just a bunch of big flashy spells and numbers into random waves of mobs with no difficulty and piles of trash loot that means nothing.

  22. Sinante

    This game gonna slay the mmo market

  23. H Koizumi

    looks like final fantasy 14 but in a bad way

  24. Joka

    Arms look so damn long o.O

  25. TeArs Gaming :P

    This comes to Europe ?

  26. Foxroot

    Way too flashy…can't understand whats happening. Game looks like crap

  27. PavorNocturnus

    Even assasins skills mostly are AoE. Bullshit. Why they just didn't take all the skills from Tera and graphically visualize it :((((

  28. BerixPlay

    I Hope they change animation character when they run or walk is so wooden and common every game with lov budget can do that

  29. zero six

    it's fuckin 2020 and the character movement in this game is like a dude with a hard-on trying to impress a hot girl

  30. Iowa

    Too much effects

  31. nanfoodles

    Seems the dungeons are no harder than normal quest mobs, they were pulling 10-20 mobs at a time. No ones health seems to go down. The boss fight looked graphically impressive but the boss didnt seem to be able to hurt any of the players. Standing in red circles did nothing more then knock people over. There was no need to even look at what mechanics the boss had. Was really sad.

  32. Emilie

    I wanted to watch a new years firework bc im in the mood, but it send me here…..although i dont know what this is i didnt get disappointed.

  33. tonitgn09

    It looks decent, but extremely easy tbh

  34. JLB

    I need this game in my life

  35. Soopr Coomr

    The boss mechanics are so unoriginal. Feels just like another trash pull.

  36. Johan T

    looks and feels like tera, you could even say its tera 2 and i'll believe you.

  37. Dexz Satanism

    Looks grindy, boring at the same time.

  38. lunar kinesis

    so many light effect more korean !!!!not for me this game!!!

  39. sXz zero

    looks generic gameplay nothing new to offer except some skill animations and effects.. pretty much that's it. :(

  40. Glasses guy

    It's missing music lol

  41. 丁丁

    Its a lovely game, i wanted to play since long ago but dont understand korean :( how sad…

  42. Reinier Strydom

    looks like a bad copy for TERA imo, thanks for sharing though.

  43. Rhil

    We need more content from this game=]

  44. Leonis souza da silva

    FPS :?

  45. HAL 9000

    hmm BNS 2.0

  46. Aaron Harewood

    If I know anything about TERA's game design it's that it is low effort, tedious and boring and Elyon's game mechanics look remarkably similar. Without any cool ideas for new game mechanics in TERA the devs often resorted to memorisation games. e.g. When boss says X and Y is active, you must do A, when boss says X and Y is not active, you must do B and so on.
    Elyon is basically a reskin of TERA, which is not surprising at all because TERA itself was about 80% a reskin of TERA.

    So in TERA , usually, failure of any party member at certain key points in a battle wipes a party. This used to happen maybe twice a battle and was the same mechanic each time, but in later content patches this had blossomed into several different mechanics, several times during a fight. If anyone in the group fucks it up, you probably get wiped and have to start all over again which costs you money in the form of potions and resurrections / broken gear etc. Imagine in one fight the healer fucks up, the next the tank, the next the archer and so on, it was frustratingly difficult to learn and memorise the battle because if you fuck it up you have 4 other people all pissed off at you, the kicker being, once you had succesfully memorised the pattern It became routine, boring and tedious.
    That is the nature of memorisation mechanics.

    Combine these mechanics with a progression system that's ridiculously convoluted and oppressive (fucktons of RNG enchanting money/timesinks), pushing people into grinding the content over and over for gear meant that a culture of elitism develops where everyone wants to complete the content as efficiently as possible on as many characters as possible which leads to cliques of people who play only with each other and that behaviour is DEATH for an MMO.

    For a game that's meant to be massively multiplayer, you could spend about 95% of it playing with the same 4 people because that was simply the only way to ensure that you would be able to keep up in terms of progression.

    I don't expect better from Elyon. Don't forget that these are the people who decided to take TERA free to play essentially because they sold a boatload of swimsuit skins for Elins one summer and realised that they should increase the size of the playerbase and just sell similarly perverted skins and lootboxes filled with progression items into a system designed to eat it all up due to RNG at an undisclosed and totally changeable percentage. (Elins are 300 year old ancient creatures trapped inside the body of 12 year old girls, you figure out what that equates to).

    Their sins are many.

  47. Miljan P.

    @Steparu I love PvP , but i kinda like PvE a bit more, how much of PvE content is out there? Dungeons? raids? Open world bosses? some PvE activities?

  48. gearzdesign

    reminds me a lot of Tera, the movements, action and design.

  49. LiuYe

    I think it was meant to be a tab targeting game until they decided to make it action combat instead. But the combat doesnt look as natural as BDO. Since BDO was action combat from the start. So they converted the gameplay mechanics. But not the animation. The graphics still looks amazing on Elyon though

  50. Jeremy Lowe

    Wow that looks so braindead and boring. How did they manage to make action combat boring?

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