Elyon Prologue Mystic Gameplay — First 20 Minutes — GeForce 2080 SUPER

There is an ongoing stress test for the Korean version of Elyon right now, here is a quick look at the prologue as a Mystic this time around! The Korean release date is just around the corner and the game will also be making its way to NA/EU sometime! https://elyon.playkakaogames.com/

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  1. Nickolas Rennell

    Skills, animation, texture, effects — Blade and Soul.
    World, stairs climbing, weapon, skill sound, lvl creation — Tera online.
    Stupid wear, stupid pet, stupid riding/flying mount — from everywhere. So sad but all game (for last 15 year) introduced things not related to the style of the game for the sake of easy money.

  2. Ricardo Batistela

    Tá interessante

  3. Kor Taffel

    …when you want TERA 2, but it turns out to be trash ….

  4. Pressato

    This is a nice video of a bad game

  5. 1doki

    nice video ty :)

  6. Diavoros

    Movement seems wack, the running and jumping animations are just, so poorly done.

  7. Tarkus

    Bear cars at the beginning of the game — it's like when you go on the first date with a girl, but already on the doorstep of her house, you shit in your pants.

  8. Rewelzz

    Can't wait for eu release. Also do you know is it gonna be buy to play or what ?

  9. Starboy

    Does every skill feel impactful both ok pvp nd pve?

  10. Sycogenesis

    i was watching saintone stream and everybody was like i saw STEPPARU! lol, i was like of course Stepparu lives in Elyon when they can. Also prob won't see Elyon in NA till end of 2021

  11. TheNewKai

    This is not gothic fantasy, this looks more like a schizophrenic's midday nap. Toilet material…

  12. Samuel Hippolyte

    Game doesn't look to bad, skill effects are nice but character animations need work, combat looks somewhat clunky and a bit floaty, running and movement animations are shit like her limbs need to dislocate and realign themselves just so she can move. So far game looks decent but if they want this to be a buy to play game they need to step up their game……… like literally.

  13. Anais Barray

    It's pretty but the gameplay is so 2010 ><

  14. GioVaOo Oo

    I like looks like TERA

  15. Данил farship

    Looks trashy

  16. Yann Pennaneac

    Thanks Steparu for this video. Honestly, looks really has been, old, i get no vibes of any kind looking this game.
    I think we have enough game with bimbo in high heel using an axe or a scepter for the 20 years to come. Perhaps now, can we have some new game design and real gameplay ?
    Looks like another "done 300 times" game. Generic mmo with clunky animation and combat style. With everyone doing the same things at the same moment … …
    Korea and China need to understand video games are not only good graphics, but sometime having a real idea and concept behind.
    Not just go there, kill 20 mobs, do the same things in loop, repeat forever into another game. All these games are just copy past with next gen engine … no point … what a waste.

  17. Ichirou Takashima

    Most comments say that the graphics are polished, I say it's generic. It's your typical Korean MMORPG where, "I bathed too much in lotion effect".

    1. It almost gave me epilepsy. I'm not sure what effect they are trying to achieve with the camera work.

    2. The running animation isn't smooth like the character doesn't even seem to stick to the ground. Who walks sideways like that? It's like the lower body has a mind of it's own. I wish I have a body like that, it seems beneficial.

    3. How to make a proper climbing 101 animation. I mean, the character model just passed through and floats away from the ladder!

    4. I guess it's the typical problem for most MMORPG, clipping. Never been a fan of models passing through each other. Especially NPCs who look static. Their auto attack and return phase looked hilarious.

  18. Mc Bomb3r
  19. Daylocke

    This game is going to be just like BDO where all the characters have way too much mobility for PvP to be anything but a button mashing spam fest. Really disappointing too since TERA had fairly decent balance in terms of PvP.

  20. Cathrynne Sheena

    I agree with some comments below with the character animations need some work, feels stiff. However, I must say it's still much better than existing western MMO like ESO, New World to name a few in terms of animations. The character faces and design is what we can expect from Korean MMO, however, I'm still grateful when I compare with the character design of western MMOs…


    arruinaron el juego por completo. y le quitaron todo el atractivo de las maquinas de combate.

    Que gran error. Parece una secuela de ICarus online! :/

  22. GMT

    Never heard of this game til now, but I'm not surprised it won't ever be available in my region.

  23. Sak Madeek

    Reskin black desert

  24. Astaroth

    Hard to believe that this came from the same devs as TERA, which was iconic and genre changing.

  25. Zouter

    Its funny to see how people are talking trash of this game when is not even launched yet and of course they didnt play it

  26. Hung Le

    By watching you running, im feeling like you have something super big in the middle of your legs….. Animation too bad, graphic glitch. Apparently, this game is bad about optimization.

  27. Rawsty Dovah


  28. Lucian Helius

    Honestly, there is no good mmorpg available in Europe, so if this game comes out in Europe, it will be the only game worth it; well almost, there is ArcheAge Unchained, but AAU is different from any type of mmorpg; so if Elyon comes out to us in Enrope, you can be sure people will all play it; and those who will not play it is because they play AAU. I also hope that we can put Elyon in French as is the case for AAU, this is very important, AAU works well because we can put the game in French.

  29. Gainz

    just another Korean MMO grindfest, i learned this firsthand with Archeage, bns, and BDO

  30. Toan Nguyen

    The camera shaking effect is giving me a headache =(. Hopefully, it could be turned off.

  31. miczel2140

    Looks like downgraded version of Black Desert. I can't belive it's Kakao Games' work. Another hope lost.

  32. Bryan Chong

    the screen vibration is giving me headache

  33. LeafHandStudio

    it's pretty lame that most mobile/cross platform mmo are done in UE4 nowadays and they insisted in doing this on UE3, with dated animations and visuals…

  34. DaeDraaH DeaDwooD

    TrasH Game ~ Literally no need to play it when other more polished MMOs are on the market.

  35. Sheishi Games

    The monster at the beginning is from Tera Online.

  36. Hopeless in Luvv

    This game looks really promising for me at least, but this little car thingies ruing the immersion..

  37. Alexandre Cunha

    I hope it doesn't make the same BDO mistakes like an example: It's Buy-to-Play, but to fully enjoy the game you have to spend tons of money!!! A balance must be made!

  38. Jonathan Marsh

    So this is Tera 2? Looking good so far.

  39. Aryman

    Hi, does Lumionus system work in arenas?

  40. aykut sirma

    Mystic class doesn't look like a healer class at all… Most of the skill trees are all about dps and aoe cc… I couldn't find any video and information about how mystic is a healing class too…

    The combat and animations are not so impressive but ordinary. It is like the upgraded version of wildstar mmorpg skill animations if you remember that abandoned mmorpg…

    This game looks like gear progress game without any interaction with open world to do pvp and pve; but dungeon, arena based pvp and pve…

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