Elyon Field Boss Battles Compilation

Here are some of the field bosses of the game~ Players fight these bosses so that they can obtain a one time skill upgrade for their spells for further customization. If you want to see world bosses, you can check out my other video https://youtu.be/THKHEvKyvp0 here.

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  1. GOD's Dribble

    Lost Ark has updated "Southern Bern". It's an all-time battle scene, so try it out.

  2. Duy Dang

    How is the healing power/survivability of mystics for PvP?

  3. CO - ASS

    this game like black desert xD

  4. Joao Brito

    Watching this made me remember when BDO wasn't released in the west and steparu was killing Nouver

  5. CauseRO

    girl in skirt fighting dragons. something is wrong here

  6. Petyr

    Don't leave us again, we can't take it.

  7. Normand Nunnes

    Hello, what is the PC config?

  8. Daniel Hao

    1 month ago…

  9. Wil Vargas

    Steparu merry me S2 i wanna live in South-Korea S2

  10. LOW IQ

    Steparu ? 😭

  11. Tiny

    I hope you're okay steppy ;-;

  12. Vayne Aurelius

    mechanics are so clunky this is not what I expected from the makers of tera, I guess we'll never get any raids as good as harrowhold and kelsaik

  13. Rathma

    Why don't you post on your Facebook page?

  14. Augusto Kaliu

    League Of Maidens Steam steparu

  15. Anthony 808

    Does it play like tera at all? I just want tera 2.0 lol.

  16. lences pelis

    this game abit slow compared to bdo

  17. Zen

    steparu come backk

  18. Shenbalafaza

    Mr cat are you still sleeping?

  19. Tiny


  20. Klaudia C

    I miss you : / pls come back

  21. Takeru

    dont this, dont leave us NOT LIKE THIS

  22. Antuan

    first Cryy and now Steppy is gone too :(
    I can't take this

  23. Jinxy Karu

    We miss you <3

  24. Lizy Odoriko

    i already see tera 2.0 whats gonna turn full p2w

  25. Starboy

    This game is a shame cause it's buy to play

  26. Mark Moros

    Is Endgame Have Alot

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