Elyon Female Warlord Orc Customization

Elyon Character Customization Orc female! I wanted to make a really buff Orc, but the sliders can only do so much in this beta. Perhaps they will add more sliders in the next test!

Game Site: https://elyon.game.daum.net/main
Platform: PC MMORPG
Region: South Korea

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  1. Rafa Rodríguez

    uganda queen kncl kncl kncl

  2. Jonatas Nogueira

    Im linda missing some eyebrows options

  3. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん


  4. HeyImAName HeyImALastName

    Give that girl some eyebrows man, damn

  5. Zophier

    she skinny for an Orc

  6. Sam Jo

    its graphic lower than BDO non-remastered, i hope this game soon also have its own remastered.

  7. stieviero

    No abs = no thanks , comon orc need to be thicc with extra Ab game or Else wats the Point , might aswell play a stupid elf or something

  8. AeXeA _

    BlueHole games look so bad..

  9. Natalia S

    Calling this thing an orc is a disgrace to all the beautiful, badass, muscular orc ladies.

  10. Kimse05

    Okay, so the Costumization looks horrible. Blurry and unfinished. It wont kill my hype for the game, but I hope they redo that (ó﹏ò。)

  11. ホットドッゴ

    if this is an orc the elf is dead from malnutrition

  12. Nicolas Daniel Silva Aravena

    this is the dumbest thing i've seen on a korean mmo, how a fucking orc looks so skinny and sexy is beyond stupidity LOL

  13. JLB

    I need moar Elyon gameplay <3

  14. Zapayo Delsur

    3D LEGGINGS <3<3<3<3 I LOVE IT XD :)

  15. Kanchai7

    you guys see this ? raid shadow legends. Female Orc in that game look more badass. for the game in 2020 Please you can do better than this. this is human 90%

  16. DOC Zenith

    This is a betrayal of the most sacrilegious kind! How dare you step away from the lolicon holy land of kawaiii first and make this… this monstrosity! Unforgivable!

  17. ChoJun

    not enough boob slider. pass

  18. Ewa Pancake

    Orc is the only decent looking race. The trash panda yikes, and the elf and humans look the same.

  19. Sharper Eagle

    Can u play the game in English .

  20. TenofSwords

    Tuskless Orcs are Elves

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