Elyon English Dubbed Prologue Gameplay First 25 Minutes HD 2K

Trying out the NA/EU version of Elyon Online as a Gunner to see how the English voice-overs turned out. What are your thoughts on the Elyon English dubs? This is the only class I haven’t tested so here is lengthy prologue gameplay of it in Ultra HD, enjoy!

Elyon Closed Beta Test

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  1. Sycogenesis

    I was having funtill i realize the pvp was like bdo,not a fan of open world pvp, after throwing 30 hours into it the game is essentially BDO with more pve and pvp with a lesser char customizer

  2. Nykusu

    More generic dead-on-arrival games

  3. Dmitry Konoko

    another trash mmorpg with bad animations and shit engine. BDO is the best Koreans pulled after lineage2

  4. Andrew Taal

    The story mode of this game is just grinding with extra steps. It would be faster to just remove it all.

  5. Pale_ghost

    I rly hate the new wave of korean mmos where its become meaningless to kill monsters. And the only way to level up and progress is by questing.

  6. Kendahna

    Really, content creators on youtube should stop calling it a global release, it's not sadly.

  7. Darq

    I liked gameplay & graphics.

  8. John KIBA

    hmm why Tera devs , called Tera 2 in wrong name = Elyon

  9. LiuYe

    looks fun

  10. Nuno Moreira

    the gameplay looks fun

  11. Tiny

    I feel like.. I'm the only one who isn't excited about this lol

  12. Benny Lin He

    trash game lmao

  13. Anima19879

    The game will probably appear in the EU at the turn of 2023/2024. Korean games can never go global. As it will be next year it will be a huge success….

  14. butler3251

    wow, so many weakass dudes mentioned BDO here lol, what? did you guys get slap when you're farming or something? 🤣🤣

  15. Dunz

    wow this looks like trash

  16. PixelMC

    its pathetic the games we are getting in 2021

  17. hovsep56

    Looks so meh seriously not worth the b2p

  18. Ronnan 2142

    My opinion

    The game looks recycled, there is no blend between the elements in the world, is like they put 3D props from here, 3D props from there, made a world, put some characters and done. The universe in which the characters are set in kinda don't make sense, real life style buildings from 18' century , pirate elements from 1600+, sorcerers and magic, non-realistic fantasy related. You will see high tech stuff, sometimes steampunk, or very stylized models.
    Environment textures also makes no sense, there is a ton of random styles which are not fitting as a " whole ", a lot of variations in texture quality, while some looks very clean and nice, others are blurred, pixelated, oversaturated, burnt look,etc . To me this looks like a weird mix, with content made only for grinding purposes, rushed and unfinished, with a never ending cash shop upgrading system.

    Ps. Combat feels somehow satisfying, yet it will get very repetitive as you wont have many "skill slots" to spam, but a rotation chain skill system. I think they made it like this so they can run a mobile version in future.

    This was supposed to be a "free to play" model game with cash shop, which apparently turned into a Buy to Play model, i guess that trend is over, except the cash shop will always exist.

  19. Opalthira

    What a sad time for MMORPGs
    They just keep taking TERA Online assets and trying to call them new games.
    On top of that every single one them is a cash grab with copy, paste towns and a whole three npc models in each town.

  20. Murasama

    Lazy voice acting (only the first lines of the NPC dialog were read). Plus a lot of this prologue is hacked up and reduced from what existed before (like the entire epic feeling of this battle on the Inventus is lost because of the streamlining to remove the previous designs aerial questing and combat onboard and between the Inventus airship and the various floating island hubs). Instead of Inventus burning and crashing, we get our character falling from the sky to Harth instead of waking up in that intermediary town before you are at your factions starting point.

    P.S. I liked how in the Thai/SEA OBT and earlier KR CBT (before the game design was changed and game renamed to Elyon), they tried to give the obvious human race, an alternative name (hunans). And I always got a laugh with the Ein's (the furry race) where I joked that Bluehole dropped the letter "l" in its spelling and therefore, an Elin type of race completely from the game (though you can use the character creator and drop all the size settings for chest size, waist, pelvis, and calf lengths to its lowest to create a petite/short female elf or human — just without the flat as an iron board look/stance that Bluehole's original graphic designers trolled us with xD).

  21. Games FTW

    Game looks good and fun… but I heard that this game has a lot of daily missions…so you have to spend 2 to 3 hours or more to complete those quests, then you can focus on something else.

    And it is something you have to do, otherwise you will fall behind.

    And also p2w… damn

  22. suqd

    Wow, the bosses are literally the same as in TERA… xD
    Talk about lazy devs re-using assets from their old game…

  23. 1stVariant

    looks like a fkin trash

  24. Jam PL

    The combat looks good to me but everything else seems awful + it's p2w.

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