Elyon Elementalist Field Questing and Story Quests

Changing things up a bit so here is lengthy gameplay of Elyon’s Elementalist in action. This seems like the right job to play if you want to get a lot of kills in sieges. A lot of explosive spells and mobility~

Game Site: https://elyon.game.daum.net/main
Platform: PC MMORPG
Region: South Korea

#Elyon #ElyonOnline #MMORPG

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Комментариев: 22
  1. Hero Blake

    This game reminds me of Bless Online…

  2. Fate

    how do these companies think these games will work?

  3. John Banez

    With big names like Kakao and Bluehole studio, hope this game lives up to the hype

  4. ThatOleRedTruck

    I'm pretty excited for this. @Steparu can you do a video showing off the different class branches? Like, are you stuck with the same skills or can you branch off into different trait lines? Sorry if you already did this.

  5. Linkart

    Best drop item sound of mmo"s

  6. Zin tepest

    cant wait to let my great great grandkids play when the game comes!!

  7. Lepiigor TV

    All green cube in top of Nameplate, why is ?

  8. Alex

    NGL this game is beautiful! Unfortunately, its probably years away…

  9. Serapith
  10. Sérgio

    I need this game in BRAZILLL

  11. Nao Sei Play

    i am from future to say 2030 we will play this game

  12. Paul Z

    A MMO game released in 2020 not even better than Black Dessert…….. disappoint

  13. Sky Ivy

    Thought this was BDO but forgot that shit dont got smooth combat machanics

  14. OverLord

    Stepparu i have question,u play all this MMO's wich one u play like mostly?
    and u play as casual player or competetive?
    its impossible to play all MMOs physically and be competetive

  15. Jue80

    Looks like when Tera and BDO gets a baby

  16. Rafael Bruno

    Looks as terribly uninspired as Black Desert, a bunch of korean idols hunting in high speed.

  17. Arlindo Melo

    combat looks slow af. Pass.

  18. Василий Выпряжкин

    Played one Asian MMO — played all Asian MMOs

  19. DEUS

    lol they just rebranded it, bet it will be dead within a month


    They removed that crappy air combat crap ?

  21. DarkEmpire

    Was see RvR gameplay and looks better than flashy BDO with empty pvp. I will be wait and try Elyon, looks more fun. Its all depends to optimisation and item shop.

  22. RuthlessRoses

    got a beta key <3
    im hyped asf :D <3

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