Elyon Assassin Prologue Short Gameplay

A short gameplay preview questing through the prologue of the game. Some of the skills remind me of B&S Assassin. The game currently requires a VPN so it’s really laggy for me about 2-3 second delay. I may reroll another job later if it gets bad. I believe the combat would be more fluid if I didn’t get input delay or lag.

Game Site: https://elyon.game.daum.net/main
Platform: PC MMORPG
Region: South Korea

#Elyon #ElyonOnline #MMORPG

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Комментариев: 39
  1. Samir

    looks like a mobile game

  2. Hunter

    The combat doesn't look satisfying at all and what's with the google earth zoom out? There's a reason why Dragon Nest and Vindictus have the best action combat.

  3. Nightmare

    Thanks for showing the game
    Tab target in 2020 huh 😂

  4. Nightmare

    Seems like this will be bless 2 (failing and ending up in shitty consoles)

  5. DevilsKings


  6. Anon Anonsmith

    They should have just made TERA 2…

  7. richard belt

    No lo se, no me termina de convencer el combate

  8. Kitsune Moon

    Very nice gameplay. A giant thumbs up!👍🔥

  9. Melchiorsmith

    This looks like generic KMMO garbage

  10. :D

    it doesnt make you feel like an assasin — ign

  11. HBY

    bdo ninja combat looks better, crazier, more fluid, more satisfying, etc, etc

  12. Bedwyr

    So, how do you like the game so far Stepy-mepy?

  13. dragons

    Truly retarded mmo…

  14. oraldo cornejo

    Is not bad… But idk

  15. Matias

    Am I the only one who finds this game super basic? I am very demotivated

  16. Takeru

    how did you get your logo

  17. Anthony

    this combat is just like Bless — upper body seems independent of the lower and looks lame as hell — at least your torso doesn't get all twisted like taffy as it did in Bless

  18. fullonpsy

    тупо гавно убогое, Терраклон, а понтов то было

  19. Captain Gormley

    Yeah, I will just stay with GW2.

  20. Gabriel Alves

    TERA 2

  21. Christian Aldrin Dela Cruz

    its shit lmao :))))

  22. ᕼᗩᖇᑌ

    Not that bad too me even animation It's pretty odd but upside of this game is mutilple choice of skill while still keep hack & slash spirit It's good for PVP & easy too balance just like BNS if It's had good PVP content it's gonna be really Pog game

  23. Shiba

    Same boring old class

  24. KingKraigetsu

    Aside from the colors, it looks good, BUT PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THE MOVEMENTS !
    Looks like BnS from a certain point of view too

  25. wolfsoldier5

    I stopped looking at these games, they never release on the west anyways.. Lost Ark cough cough

  26. Mayank Naithani

    How can the same company who developed tera have such bad combat? Just copy-paste from tera man and we will play. i still love tera's combat.

  27. negatigerx

    It's pretty, but it just seems a bit blase. Nothing to write home about. Doesn't try anything groundbreaking, it seems.

  28. george hill

    So, BDO level graphics but with ESO level of animation…Tera's animations are better than this. Why can't we have a Vindictus level combat in a open world mmorpg, or at least close to it. This looks like game play from 15-20 years ago. Unless it excels in other areas, it'll be dead in a couple of years like 99% of other generic Korean mmorpgs out there.

  29. Chris Lore

    afther i download the launcher nothing hapend how to download the game?

  30. Jadiel Augusto Portugal Neto

    assassins can only use daggers?

  31. Mind Gear

    The problem i see with full action game mmorpg, classes is just kind of dumb, every classes is damage dealer with just different kind of skillset, there's no "real" support that heals and buff up his team, even tanker is just tankier damage dealer wtf? Theres no option between nuker but single target class or standard dps but wide area damagers, every classes is just aoe dps..
    Ive played BDO for 2 month or so, every class is carry? That's kind of bullshit for me.

  32. Wen Du

    hmmm the character animation is very bad, hopefully they will polish those animations.

  33. Sanche Grammar

    such disappointment couldn't they just copy pasta Tera's combat system ?…they went and made it into a tab target then transitioned to action to finally settle on clunky animations and a combat that looks nothing like that of tera.

  34. Miljan P.

    @Steparu What do you think about assassin class? is it good for PvE? How does it compare to elementalist for example?

  35. Miciah20

    Is there a level limit for gear?

  36. Bee

    The only up coming game of games I'm looking forward to. The rest can go in the trash.

  37. ojaebu111

    Looks like a BLESS clone… and what happened to BLESS? Fail, yes.

  38. Wag kang Bulaklak

    should have copied tera's combat. that moving while doing a normal attack does not look good.

  39. Jedi JMBLK

    The gameplay are not really crazy =/

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