Elyon Action MMORPG Orc Warlord Starting Gameplay

Rather busy these days and slow on the uploads. A shortened gameplay preview of the Orc Warlord in Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm. Blocking feels pretty good and you can counter~ Feels a little bit like Tera. Might play this job on the next test or Gunner.

Game Site: https://elyon.game.daum.net/main
Platform: PC MMORPG
Region: South Korea

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  1. G-Wo 14

    Everyone complaining about the Fimbrilisk as if its some insane crime that a game from the same devs has similarities. I enjoyed the homage to the MMO I spent so much time on. I mean I essentially just wanted an updated Tera.

    To each their own I guess.

  2. Laurent Torpier

    Hello, I created a kakaogame account to download the game, I use a VPN but when I go to the game site there are 2 clients, I manage to download the second but not the first. Can you tell me how you did to download the game THANKS

  3. Anne Frank

    Honestly at this point if I see a shiny Korean MMO I just immediately skip it. They are all the same.

  4. Robbie1okay

    Thanks for the gameplay step, but yeah I dunno, seems like a downgrade from tera with a black desert online-esque coat of paint. Like with the style of game they're going for I'd say Vindictus is overall better which considering how old it is is kinda sad to me. Nothing seems innovative in this, just more of the same old repeated stuff with a repeated art style from a different devs game. But I digress, just been really waiting for something new in the mmo genre that would be interesting to play for more than like a week but for that you'd need devs that actually want to be making the game they are which almost no company does anymore… oh well

  5. Lord HandsomeSwag

    ppl complaining about this are just ppl who love tab target no skill required games with awful western world-building and 10-year-old graphics

  6. break

    man, the classes and the game looks really good, if endgame is fun and not p2w and the performance is bearable i will give this game alot of love.

  7. Kimse05

    Love your videos! Really hope to, —maybe—, see some healer showcase soon♥ Keep it up ヽ(^Д^)ノ

  8. X 1

    when this game will be available in eu?

  9. solidus snake

    it seems to be a 3D game, but it feels very flat. very similar to the mobile game, though in their editor are no more volumetric solutions in the landscape

  10. Tarkus

    Animation straight from 2008. The huge hammer and shield look as tasteless as possible. The art design is terrible and looks like it was made by a student who was paid with a bowl of rice.
    This is the first time I look at a gameplay video and everything is bad there :(

  11. BerixPlay

    I hope They still Working on this game (combat etc) until global.

  12. ururumpo

    ip block for korean version?

  13. Kou Vue

    Not feeling the shield & hammer!!! Why not shield & sword or axe.

  14. Noel Tage

    Epic should ban kor devs from using UE. Or they just never stop. They never will. Nobody besides Koreans care about those games. We are living in 2020 not in 2010.

  15. Will

    P2W graphics

  16. 1017

    Tera 2

  17. Bedwyr

    Tera 2 looks great

  18. St Nodes

    I wanna play!!!!!

  19. Stundar Dutch

    you hardly get any damage is it to easy?

  20. Odysseus

    This looks promising. I hope the release will be handled well. Western audiences would enjoy a game like this due to how stagnant the MMOPG genre has been recently.

  21. Mark Conway

    The combat looks heaps better now

  22. Cove of Pentagrams

    mobs in korean mmos are just fodder

  23. PolowBornFly

    The Thailand beta of This game when it was still AI:R was actually reallly really good! This new version is looking even better then that and I’m extremely excited ! Don’t sleep on this game

  24. Peter Sung

    Hey Steparu are you tight with getting an in to test the Project TL or Project:Origin (as its now called)? Will you show footage of that?

  25. Edward LeCore

    Why did they bother making this? The content would make more sense as a Tera expansion, not a "new" game with identical graphics and gameplay with the same obsolete engine.

  26. Jiggle Bee

    is this a early access?

  27. ThatOleRedTruck

    If they would make this game classless (like archeage) it could be HUGE. Eastern MMOs love to lock players down to one class and force them to grind all the way back up if they want to change playstyles

  28. Leon louie

    the fact that you can move and attack.. that's bad combat design trash game

  29. Сергей Фомин

    boring….. better try normal MMO like Albion online. korean MMO sucks these days

  30. Anthony

    Фуфло какое-то

  31. Alwyn Campbell

    This looks more like next gen Tera, love the re-use of bosses in higher graphics. It also makes it more unique, while giving a nod to its predecessor.

  32. ArThorS

    The Boss at 8:18 uses the same animation set as some bosses from Tera

  33. milk

    Something about it feels cheap..feels like the same quality as Revelation Online.

  34. alex hill

    Just another bless online carbon copy it seems. We all know how that ended

  35. Insert Important Name Here

    Hahaha! That mini boss even has the same moves as the Fimbrilisk from Tera like jumping forward/backward or stomping the ground with the right hand and so on.. But it least it looks better visually.. i guess! Regardless, i am going to check the game out when it comes and keep looking for news.

  36. the5seasons

    spinning attack looks weird…..

  37. Acheron

    another generic boring korean mmorpg with lots of p2w flavours

  38. Frontline Yeshua

    Dont understand why are not giving us games what racist ppl they are selfish dicks

  39. MMOinGame
  40. smokeonsum

    Same ppl from bdo?

  41. Alex Del Tierro

    When will be the release here in u.s?

  42. justin barrett

    really really tired of asian inspired rpg's I mean, it's ok for people to like them…but I just hate anime and asian rpg stuff…or any rpg that has guns…eewww. I'm way more into old school D&D style games…if it's not open world it's not an rpg..if it has guns it's not an rpg…this is purely my opinion.

  43. Bill Nine

    Bruh, Lancer and berserker combined.. with weapons to show off.. perfect class

  44. Jadiel Augusto Portugal Neto

    can Warlord use dual swords?

  45. Make Beer Not War

    blocking like in AION, i like it. hope to get in the beta 😀

  46. Black Viod

    how come the gameplay looks good in this video but those pvp vids look like poop

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