Elyon 200vs200 Siege RvR 100 Kills & Assists Dragon OP

A lengthy preview of Elyon’s massive 400 Player RvR Siege Battle. I changed builds from Magesassin to a Spin2Win Assassin! Large scale battles are always fun, I transformed into a Dragon which boosted both my kills and assists!

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  1. Carlos Hernandez


  2. Pufferfox Pufferfox


  3. Michael Weilandt

    Lag fest yikes!

  4. Hayashi Shirou

    wow 200vs200. in old days was 50 vs 50.

  5. Daylocke

    Oh Celestial Korean Dev Gods. If my feeble, mortal voice can reach you upon the mighty mountain tops from which you reign — please, I beg you to optimize your game.

  6. Leonardo Almeida


  7. ITZAH

    is this a vfx generator? i cant see anything

  8. Adam Coltrane

    Great gameplay. i7 9700 and 2080 Super, ok. Maximum graphics? How many FPS?

  9. Sephonia

    The way the damage text lined up, I thought that first cannon shot dealt 280 BILLION damage! I was like, "dude what" lol

  10. Caramelo25

    Colors and light, but nothing more.

  11. Sycogenesis

    With current competiton spurring up when do you think they will push this out of beta? , Also wish this was as easy to get into as Lost ark Ru lol would love to play it .

  12. AvenMai

    Meanwhile Blade & Soul gets 15 FPS or less in a 12 man raid…

  13. Nightmare

    I hope they get sued hard for copy pasting skills from other games , specially Lost Ark.

  14. Nightmare

    Gonna watch soon thanks for the vid steparu

  15. Nichronos

    I cringe every time you post a video without FPS meter!
    Just use Fraps or Afterburner mate…. not that hard.

  16. Art

    Meanwhile i can only wait for genshin impact

  17. Golden Tiramisu

    a big nope for me

  18. eXo

    This looks fun af :D

  19. TipsyCat

    The animations look so horrible, like your legs go one way and the upper body does its own thing lol

  20. Snoopy25

    Spin2Win LOL LOVE IT! Man, this is bringing back the Aion vibes

  21. Pato Malayaw

    dam son

  22. xkx

    hows the gear progression like bdo paytowin trahs or something relevent like in western mmos ?

  23. Little Pankek

    200 v 200 haha. Game will be dead within a month and it'd take everyone in the entire game just to queue up for that

  24. Ellan TheGamer

    dead game

  25. Jonathan Lim


  26. Roger Jordan

    Looks alot like black dessert

  27. Nicola Scarcelli

    What a mess

  28. Jiggle Bee

    how you download it? make a guide pls

  29. Kemicaloid

    Step-sama how would you describe in a few word the gearing (enchant, stats etc.) system? Is it crazy korean style rng or it's somewhat doable? Do stuff breaks?

  30. Hus

    So good :D

  31. Seleno

    This game screams visual noise.

  32. datl0ud

    looks decent if they release it this year, otherwise gonna flop

  33. John Banez

    Western release and take my money!!!

  34. Magellan

    the FPS looks solid considering how much is going onscreen

  35. Andeh Kase

    Why does elyon have this green/blue haze/filter ? it is very offputting

  36. Jeremy N

    So many haters in the comments. I'll give it a try for myself. Might be tons of fun.

  37. Matheus C-

    if they silence some skills when you get hit it would be better not to have this visual pollution

  38. Reaper Sykko [Sykko Cartoons]

    Man can't wait for 2030!

  39. jojo biggins

    Considering there's so much crap on the screen at once i thought it ran incredible well.
    You can see how he's character is running about without issues.
    Personally to much going on, far to much BOOM BOOM. No idea whether you can change in options, will end up buying this if it gets into Europe.

  40. Enrico Reyes

    When is obt in kr and sea?

  41. clément Zarka

    its seem fun but very very very messy

  42. Skimzee

    The UI looks like a cluster fck. Is there anyway you can make the UI more cleaner or resize and customize them?

  43. Tall And Incharge

    28:48 "Confirm P2W" take a look in his bags it has a Gem by his gold that looks like currency you get with IRL money.

  44. Shaun Hilton

    What was that dragon all about? That was pretty amazing, can’t wait to try this out.

  45. sallee132

    Can we solo gank in this game? Pk people I mean. Also, can we reduce spell effects? I cant see a thing what is going on here due to this color splash.

  46. ᎠᏌᏴᎪᎡᎪ

    mobil pc?

  47. nhật minh trần

    this game pay to win ? sir

  48. Viett

    Is this the best MMORPG that you can play right now? Besides Blue protocol but you can't play Blue Protocol

  49. Re:KAMI Music

    I'm hyped for this game… I can't enjoy BDO anymore or my FPS games… I really want to play Elyon. Any idea when this is coming for NA/EU/SA?

  50. Luis Rivera

    Bring this to console omg

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