Ecol Tactics Online Gameplay Mainstream Story Manual Mode

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  1. Heart

    CBT coming soon :)

  2. reka10

    well theres always wakfu.

  3. Hotbox Nerd

    A final fantasy tactics junkie like me will love this game!!! Been waiting for a turned based mmo (wakfu doesn't count, their not f2p, but its a great game nonetheless)

  4. Julian Norton

    If someone more knowledgeable could send me a tell, how does the 'mmo' part of this game work? Do you team up with your single character to form a team and then proceed to kill enemy units? Or what?

  5. Renae Odell

    Sadly they didnt change the music, i just mute it though.

  6. Renae Odell

    There's these things in the game that are bulletin boards called "Party Boards" you register a party for other players to help you on a hard quest. You can talk to other players, trade(I think), friend other players, and just help each other out. In the future, I think they'll add more options like PK-ing.

  7. Angelo Teodorak

    esse lugar parece com o estagio onde lutamos com os chocobos no final fantasy tactics

  8. kapitanluffy

    so it means you will be doing a quest with them? or their character will be in your party and you can control their character?

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