Durango — Prehistoric Survival MMORPG Trailer — Coming Soon

New trailer for upcoming E3 2017. https://durango.nexon.com/En
Gameplay videos available in my news post below. Global Release info.
https://steparu.com/latest-news/2349-durango-prehistoric-survival-mmorpg-global-release-coming-soon More Information

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  1. Diego Daza

    OMG I'm so excited to get back to playing this!!!!!

  2. hexyz

    yay keep the news keep on coming!

  3. nemesis7884

    lol that looks like a browser game

  4. Zaguya Arts

    omg I'm still waiting for the full release of this game when does it come out? plz tell me.

  5. John D

    0:34 Surprise 😅

  6. Relivard

    Me: "Oh, this looks cool"
    it's for phones
    Me: "Oh…"
    published by Nexon
    Me: "Oh ;_;"

  7. Suiko Ryos

    I remember playing the beta when you uploaded another video about it. I almost burned my hands…

    …and I don't mean that I played it so much my hands burned, I mean my phone's temperature raised like hell when running it. LMAO

  8. Boxer Hare

    I wish it was at least a browser game

  9. Sara Valestein

    0:35 Dream has been ruined

  10. Bigb671

    That moment when they start to show the gameplay

  11. Whoolie

    Game play? What's that?

  12. bram verandong

    i start bored with last day on earth lmao

  13. ChemicaaLz


  14. Lowen

    Premium Items and Shop incomiinnnng ~

  15. Kemil Gaming

    Did play it in the beta, are they still going to make it as a mobile exclusive? The game was awesome but it was very uncomfortable to play on a phone..would love to play it on Steam, I know that there are mobile emulators, but I'd like to move with WASD on a lagless platform

  16. Daniel Justo

    This trailer is not a monster hunter series intro ripoff,

    nope, not at all

  17. Grant


  18. Mortally Challenged



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