Dungeon Striker Online Main City Tour Populated by Players

Dungeon Striker 3rd CBT seems to be very popular.
Super Cute Diablo themed MMORPG!

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  1. U4Real?

    those sounds, sound totally wrong, *uh*

  2. Ethan Delapenha

    Man I cannot wait for this game to come to NA just one question though. What level do you have to be to get a class advancement?

  3. Ethan Delapenha

    Your character looks cool and nice sword :)

  4. Diego Gamer

    me getting a error to try download the game , im registed to cbt 3 me winner too , more i cant download help ):

  5. Oliver &&

    i cant wait this game come in EU…

  6. Nick Millett

    i feel like this game should be on the ps4

  7. O'Dale Cotterell

    Reminds me of Dragon Nest but from a DragonSaga(Dragonica) point of view. Should be pretty sweet…

  8. bisakor

    its so cute ; A ;
    I woonder if my HD5450 can play this?

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