Dungeon Striker Online First Look Act 2 Final Boss Battle CBT3

What a long fight; ;

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  1. Ronin Okami

    dammit step, it ALWAYS seems like you are playing the most hyped games on your channel. I immediately regret my ability not being able to play games like this over here. awesome video as always.

  2. LeagueofNoobsEuw

    you are so right! its like seeing this and you feel the need to play it so badly! i should unsub this is torture to me!!!! steparu stop torturing me!!!!!!!! :(((

  3. GG Gaia

    That's so true man. Western companies could give us games sooner than they do. So much time to release games, a lot of pay to win games too… It's such a shame… We gamers really need to learn how to read korean and play awesome games along with Step


    Is it me or this looks like Torchlight 2 act 2 textures, there like 95% the same textures I seen in TL2.
    Even the interface is a copy of TL2, at least they gave it different textures lol.

    But Overall I like what I see, very nice looking game.

  5. Hiromu656

    is there a healing class in this?

  6. Mad Mario

    This looks like a mini Tera….Wanna try it soon!

  7. Alcovitch

    It doesn't really look anything like Torchlight 2.

  8. Hiromu656

    lol what kind of mods do you run?

  9. Devilrose

    Guildwars 2 interface looks like that and Dragon nest UI as well just replace the health orb into map.
    I think its the same engine as Dragon Nest too (since this game was made by the same developers).

  10. MegamanTjarna

    Cool game! Never heard of it. Is it like other mmos that you have tanks, dps and healers? :)
    Btw that boss looks nasty :3

  11. LonewolfV

    want T.T

  12. n00bonastick

    looks better than diablo game mechanic wise.

  13. Bloody0Sword0SMI0

    what sword is that that you have?

  14. KoG GoK

    god damn who plays all these shitty free shit games?  free isnt enough anymore if you want me to play your garbage your gonna have to start paying me

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