Dungeon Striker Online CBT3 Newbie Swordie

Going to be playing this a lot this week I think.
I found a attack speed weapon but it was too weak ;;

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  1. Fayewel

    yay that game is cool :D

  2. Fayewel

    is posible get english version? :)

  3. bambam2512

    yeh step u can keep this one blade and soul is the one i am waiting for

  4. drazapatos

    Is this also korean?

  5. Andrew Luccas

    Chrona? '-'


  6. redwingedsavior

    hey steparu do you still livestream?

  7. Devilrose

    That attack animation is funny. This game was made by Dragon Nest devs right?

  8. Angelo de Guzman

    Do you host the games with friends or is it open world?

  9. Simple15ish

    i just noticed that this game is somehow have dragon saga feels :3

  10. Fayewel

    /cry :/

  11. LolReally

    Guessing Ip blocked?

  12. Fluffykun08

    Now that's a "grind fest" ^ ~

  13. Devilrose

    I really would like to see an open world action MMO from these devs.

  14. Nindya Octaviany

    Diablo cutie-deadly version :)

  15. Siana Erideita

    Oh the third Korean CBT has started then? Can't wait for an international release.

  16. Hinibun

    Does this have pvp or any plans on implementing one?

  17. dividedbyzero4

    eh, you can't jump in this game?

  18. ooooboy1

    Дьябло подобный клон)))

  19. iCoNiC-Gaming

    u can, press shift

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