Dungeon Striker Online Berserker Skill Build Dark Tower Gameplay

Screenshots of my skill tree we have over 60+ English players in FREEDOM guild!

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  1. Jeremiah S

    Step, we love you.

  2. AkinoKazuki

    This game is so fun! Too bad, I kept having these random disconnections when I'm playing.

  3. Nikki sora

    another Diablo -_-

  4. LyingLychee

    Another dumbass.

  5. supermarioz5

    Do you think this game can run on a computer that has intel HD graphics? If it can run, do you think it will be playable?

  6. Normal Guy

    Is this game good?

    And it what language is that?

    Can people from Europe play it?

  7. 해파리맛사과

    블소도 한국꺼 이것도 한국꺼 라임 오딧세이도 마비노기도 테라도 아이온도 리니지도 한국산 게임! 그런데 다 MMO인이유가 뭐냐?!

  8. LolReally

    I want to play….-tear-

  9. Wllt

    Yes, this game is awesome!! The graphics, the builds, skills, gameplay…
    Dungeon striker is a Korean game but is easy to understand. I think that all people from other places can play it without problems! :D

  10. Normal Guy

    Thx and do you need KSSN or phone verification to register?

  11. Wllt

    I don't know! But you can go to the registration website and check what needs.

  12. チャウムーン

    I really want to play this but i dont know how to download it…Korean :'''(

  13. sanwyrth

    Personaly I couldn't have asked for a better job lol.

  14. Chris Ellis

    in what way is this Diablo?

  15. dss103

    Haha that's the same shit I thought when I saw the bar. It might not be the same shit, but dam that health bar is telling me otherwise right off the bat…

  16. hazarddex

    so wait do you get 3 action skills for inherited and 3 more from your current class how does it exactly work i can't find information for that anywhere

  17. hans marikit

    i wish theres an android apk of this game.
    its going to be cool if its working on androids

  18. Mr Jammers

    Aw i wanna play :C

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