Dungeon Striker Lets Dance Break Dancing Gangnam Stylin and Gentleman

Break Dancing, Gangnam Stylin, and Groovin like PSY’s Gentleman.

To dance like this just type slash then cna cna1 cna2 cna3 cna4 cna5

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  1. bonifidehustla


  2. Joshua Lua

    omg. Want to play this so bad…when will it come out internationally?

  3. Bushinji

    first I was like "hm, this game looks rather boring…"
    but then I saw this 0:55 "O____O!!!!"

  4. ultama7

    lol This Is Awsome

  5. ziggoverzaggs

    i wanna play this so badly :C

  6. Orly

    that sso fucking awesome LOL

  7. Teh Richard

    Not gonna lie, I thought I had left Dragon Nest open. The music in this video is almost exactly like the music in Saint's Haven. Doesn't surprise me though since Dungeon Strikers and Dragon Nest were created by the same company, Eyedentity Games. I wonder if both games are linked together in any way which would be pretty neat.

  8. Blue River


  9. ZungleIF

    I have installed this game im ready.to play lol

  10. SapereAude

    gotta love dat top rock -> windmill -> baby frezze moves :D

  11. hashtag kingdomofjas

    steparu!! what r u? japanese or korean!? i saw u typing japanese language

  12. Kalas Asakura

    I like how you took a pic of her panties.

  13. Hao Ren


  14. Emunk Danoti

    Op op op op op oppa gentleman style

  15. pælius

    reminds me of dragonica xD

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