Dungeon Striker Full Party Dragon Battle and Deaths

Been playing a lot of Dungeon Striker lately, managed to cap my job level.
Server where the English Guild is at


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  1. Ethan Delapenha

    Yes! Another epic video of Step playing Dungeon Striker. So Awesome!!! xD

  2. Vidar Wolfheim

    i have a horrible lag everytime i paly :/ 3XX ping

  3. Felt Anime Piano

    such a cool game

  4. 3xuro

    Black desert online waiting patiently. most likely the only game i'll pay a sub for

  5. 제스터메이헴

    good job reaching lvl 42, i couldn't even bother playing it

  6. Joey Knight

    I talked to them on facebook. They use facebook as their homepage, since their actual website..well isnt really a website. Anyway, they said 2015 is a WORST case scenario. He/she put a lot of emphasis on WORST case. They said they couldnt tell me anything because its not in their power to release information, but they said it shouldnt be to far into 2014 possibly having CBT sometime in late 2013, but they said thats all they could say. thats if everything goes as planned. they are nice people!

  7. FrenzyR

    can someone help me make an account for this game? :/

  8. Ethan Delapenha

    Hey Steparu, would it be a good idea to increase the attack speed on a berserker?

  9. SovietMethod

    Is this a beta and if so how can i get ahold of it?? game seems pretty awesome.

  10. lajing789

    Oh! i'll join, i've got a friend in korea, can both of us use the same kssn?

  11. pælius

    yeah how do you make an account x_x

  12. TheBlackDemiGod

    Yea cant make a account because now you have to use your phone and im in america T_T

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