Dungeon Striker Frost Dragon Battle 1080p HD

Poking Dragon!!! Rawr~!

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  1. Matt K


  2. blaze

    does someone know if their is going to be an european release for this?

  3. NakedMan

    DS reminds me of good times in Ys so much. Anybody who likes this game definately have to play Ys Oath in Felghana and Ys Origins.

  4. shafiq

    Would be awesome if ragnarok 2 play like this..

  5. Dak rite

    oh look beokros

  6. LolReally

    would be awesome if ragnarok 2 didn't suck dick.

  7. ziggoverzaggs

    so have you ever played the thief on this? .-.

  8. Sam Mathew

    Its in 3 close beta in korea. This is what I heard, so there is no talk about it coming to NA or Euro.

  9. DarKF0xx

    this game has insane dungeons (rofl)

  10. maischoyu

    This game has insane cool graphic effects, loved it!

  11. DagicCross

    gonna takes 1 year to release in English version :(

  12. Aloy Sobeck

    ~sniff sniff~ <=(

  13. Aloy Sobeck

    This game is gonna be released in China soon.

  14. Frigidmoon

    What? I thought warrior is Sword&Shield not 2H?


  15. G. Ng

    Its the Warrior advancement Berserker.

  16. Geraldo Dharmawan

    God i hope they decide to make it available worldwide :( INTERNATIONAL DUNGEON STRIKER PLEASE!!

  17. and

    Shiva and Kryonos had a child..

  18. Bloody0Sword0SMI0

    If you go to my profile you will find a video tutorial on how to buy a dungeon striker account and play the korean version!

  19. CyberKlown28

    Was surprised by how awesome the graphics effects were for the ice attacks and such. This needs to come to North America now…

  20. Roommate.P

    Miss u :)

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