Dungeon Striker First Look Questing Extended Gameplay HD

Last video for the day, check out the preview below.

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  1. Kevin Tram

    When can we play? :c

  2. Ibrahim Wazzi

    Wow this took me by surprise
    Was expecting a diablo copy paste but this one actually looks appealing for some reason.
    Thanks for the vid step, i'll keep an eye on this game.

  3. pandalow

    What class are you playing stepau :)

  4. Random PlayerMode

    is it playable with controller?

  5. RobertCow

    Getsuga Tenshou

  6. Los

    Dragons Nest + Diablo

  7. Random PlayerMode

    nice >:D

  8. Marcus Mattingly

    This game looks so good! I hope it makes it to NA soon.

  9. Adam Arnold

    = Their baby : Diablos nest ?

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