Dungeon Striker Cash Shop Steparu the Scholar Outfit

More filler videos! Maybe I should do a preview or review on Monarch Online. Anyway, this is a cash shop preview of Dungeon Striker. Seems like there are a lot of English players participating in the stress test.

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  1. Custer Pup

    can play now ?

  2. Custer Pup

    same original ( dragonnest) ^^

  3. FallenLazySleep

    The character models, I get more of the FF 4 Warriors of Light kinda feel to them if they were more 3D and rounded. I'd give it a shot when it's available.

  4. 제스터메이헴

    howd you manage to play this game?

    I'm in korea and this game lags like hell server wise D:

  5. Hao Ren

    It's cute that I'm gonna cry >.<

  6. marc eduard adriano

    is there a possibility for english translation patch?

  7. Juno Pranindito

    steparu, could you kindly tell me the system requirements for this game please? :D

  8. Juno Pranindito

    ah..thank you very much, great video btw.. :)

  9. v

    omg i need this

  10. Miso Soup

    This ever getting an english release?

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