Dungeon Striker ACT3 Finale Crazy Boss Fight

Dungeon Striker Bosses are always so epic~
My ISP was lagging so the screen would pause for a second ! T_T
Wait til you see the ACT4 Boss SUPER SAIYAN !

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  1. VWPY

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of how the characters look but damn that's a cool looking boss fight.

  2. [LP]AbySS

    You got a second chance if you get killed?o.O

  3. MegamanTjarna

    How much Korean do need to learn to be able to play this? :P Would be awesome to try it out ^^

  4. shadowsdmg

    i cant believe im saying this….but this game actually looks awsome >.<

  5. Law_xd

    this looks so fun:(

  6. Michael Freeman

    Very nice spell effects and animations

  7. Michael Freeman

    Characters look like they was ripped from little big planet. Lol

  8. flying cheese

    the boss looks ALOT like the cygnus empress boss in maple story

  9. Cloud Welch

    How do you get your videos to look so good? What in-game recorder do you use? And what are your set ups if I may ask?

  10. FluffyKitten

    Boss in Dungeon Striker looks much more harder than D3 bosses. haha

  11. KAI3Kuroseiga

    Because Korea is where like 90% of MMORPG's come from to begin with.

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