Dragalia Lost Phraeganoth Special Raid EX Multiplayer Lily Gameplay Mobile

The only English mobile game that I’m currently playing or rather grinding!
Is this my next Grindblue!? I’m glad they buffed the Gold Medal drops.
https://dragalialost.com/en/ — Mobile — Action RPG — Multiplayer — Global

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  1. Sinnafay

    Song name?

  2. Lonchi

    Minaaa!!! Ganbare!

  3. Hunter Halverson


  4. Tora-Ky

    Anti pussy game

  5. Marcel Cung

    How do you like the game Steparu? ^^

    I rolled an account with Ezelith but I don’t know if I want to get into the game in all honestly. Seems time consuming hah.

  6. Tue Day

    how do you change voice language to japanese? I can't seem to do it

  7. Deubestyle

    Where is the best way to farm?

  8. Ace mvp

    that game is afrikindorable

  9. EJHC

    Downloaded the game yesterday (1gb was super slow for some reason), got 1500 dragon things and got that Lily unit, still have 1500 more.

  10. Ace mvp

    Meh cant seem to play this ;c … First i could not download it cos "not available in you country" .. found a APK, installed etc, now it says "device not authorized to play this game" .. riperooni

  11. ddifi66126

    Been loving this game.

  12. Anubis

    Trash game

  13. sBurban

    Wow. I thought you weren't interested in Dragalia Lost. Nice to see I was mistaken. Your videos are always helpful in seeing new games. Thanks Steparu! :)

  14. J Long

    What resolution do you set it as? My graphics looks weird when I force orientation it

  15. Locke

    Ashamed to admit I've purchased a little diamantium myself…

    Quite a fun game.

  16. Phantom Render

    how did you get to work on pc? :(

  17. Mark Pineda

    Wow Steparu playing Dragalia :) cool!!

  18. Lou Gomez

    Any news if they are going to release it in SEA? I can still play it using other means but I can't link it to my main Nintendo Account

  19. Darky Chan

    OMG what the.. is this game, looks soo good, gonna download straight away!!!!!

  20. Tonelio

    what emu did step sepai use? anyone know?

  21. germanmejor

    Why Lolis?

  22. Bork

    Anyone wanna explain to me if this game is p2w or not?

  23. tchokez

    Why do I see this game everywhere all of a sudden

  24. Vindrael

    lily same as usual :3

  25. tsiao_kb

    how can you make it landscape?

  26. Sam the Seed

    I just pulled lily from a single summon im hype.

  27. IHadNoIdeaThatGoogleAllowedYouToChangeYourNameIntoSomethingSoRidiculouslyLongAndStupidLikeIDidHere

    The only thing that keeps me from playing this game is the portrait mode >.< I didn't know that you can force this game to be playable on landscape mode and it looks this great!

  28. cat is fuwa

    May i know what emulator are you using? Nox doesn't work very well, specially the swiping for movements….. I can't play too long on my phone coz this game drains battery so fast :v

    The OSTs are friggin addictive btw xD

  29. AsiaBBG

    wtf is this

  30. Alkyn Yulo


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