DICE 2012: Skyrim Game Jam


Do anything you want, and add it to the game.

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  1. Brad DL


  2. MegaRhazes

    Bethesda needs to have a Game Jam every 2 months during the development cycle. This video just shows how much of a generic product they sell us. 

  3. Mat

    wanted that giant mudcrab so much

  4. Alex

    "could it be released for free"
    that made me laugh

  5. Sh0ckw4ve100

    I hope this is why Fallout 4 is taking so long to make. Because they are trying to fit even more into their already packed games. All this stuff (other than the stuff implemented by dlc) would have been amazing to have implemented into the game. I hope they are taking so long because they are paying even more attention to detail, as well as packing the game with tons of systems and stuff to do.

  6. Treenut

    Bethesda y u no add spears

  7. StarkWeather266

    Giant MudCrab!!! How did they not add that?!?!

  8. Matt879Pc

    Some of these things simply should've been in the vanilla game. The spell combos, paralysis runes, elemental arrows, the dungeon puzzles…

  9. DukeofBlasphemy

    Kind of depressing, really — this video illustrates that Bethesda is full of talented, creative people, but due to time constraints we get fed generic slop like Skyrim.

  10. Jack Of Clubbing

    So they basically had all the stuff they had for the DLC at the same time they finished the game? Couldn't they have just added it into the base game and then done some really really crazy DLC stuff? Like adding in elyswer or whatever the khajit place is called?

  11. LOTFH

    Do this once a month for Fallout 4.

  12. Ham

    I demand the Titan mudcrab be made into a mod! Someone DOO EET.

  13. Andrei Moise

    Seriously? Why didn't ALL of that make into the game? Be it DLC or for free, it would have made the game better.

  14. Иван Иванович

    Большую часть зделали. В TES 6 будет еще БОЛЬШЕ!!! Я ЖДУ.

  15. Sir_Drastic

    Thumbs down for taking out the song.

  16. That One Guy

    Why the hell wasn't this in the game?

  17. Chris Sztof

    This was done in a week? Why not release it as an "official modpack" or even as an enhancement for PC then?

  18. IrishInsanity26

    Every few years I look back at this and wish the giant mudcrab made it into the game.

  19. magnum dong

    wow. the flow based water shader was added to skyrim special edition and sold as a brand new feature

  20. 8 Years later and its fascinating to see some features that seem like normal skyrim to me and how they weren't even in the game back then

  21. Knight of Eleum Loyce

    2:24 That should have stayed in the game. In that huge bandit camp that you go to for the Thieves Guild quest to get the Silver Mold for that guy in Markarth (it's the restoring the thieves guild hq quest) you can remove so many torches but the bandits don't even notice. That really breaks immersion. If the light sources in a bandit camp are gradually disappearing, they should be able to install new torches and also be on high alert permanently afterwards.

  22. Silksong Date

    bruh whats this?

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