Devilian Online Closed Beta Test Caverns Dungeon 1st Closed Beta

Devilian Online First Look Review 1st CBT

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  1. Hantzie

    Diablo style. Cool.

  2. Warden Jax

    this reminds me of MU ;)

  3. Jhonny Sins

    Ts2 :3 all the way

  4. Lilith

    Got to love Koreans and their ability to clone any game.

  5. Darkoff

    Do you need a HaNGame account to play this?

  6. brokoryfoods

    Is it an MMO with a persistent world or a coop game?

  7. CollidedGeneration

    Talk about kiting.

  8. Panbie Huang

    pure plagiarism of D3

  9. red123zx

    i just like D3

  10. harperadam

    This is not just a D3 clone but a cut and paste of every single idea from D3…. Lol only shows the lack of creativity the company has.

  11. Wanderson

    awesome, however I can't understand korean. It will release a english version?

  12. Von.

    Woo i got into the beta that is starting in a few days

  13. Valey

    I go to the main website but dont understand korean, this game looks so impressive, this should open world wide

  14. Unoriginal pun

    Do you want some painkillers for that butthurt?

  15. Unoriginal pun


  16. Choco Bear

    ooooh been looking for a trouchlight 2/ Dungeon striker/ dilbo? like  mmorpg

  17. MrMilkyCoco

    not really into the graphics of this compared to its younger cousins diablo 3 and path of exile >_< it looks in between path of exile/diablo 3 and torchlight 2 haahah

  18. ต้น จับใจ


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