Devilian Online Closed Beta Newbie Town & Transformation Mounts

Devilian Online First Look Review 1st CBT

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  1. Kaoru Sugimura

    somehow this makes me think of FF o.O maybe that's just me though lol

  2. SXchaos

    Is it me or does the movement speed looks kind of slow?

  3. hard mode

    great game, its a shame that is point and click

  4. Nulak

    Any plan stream this game Steparu ?

  5. Nulak

    followed u on twitch, i gonna watch next time u online (if im online myself, since im euro)

  6. hard mode

    ok! now im really in

  7. brokoryfoods

    For isometric games, click to move will always be better than wasd.

  8. hard mode

    LOL why?

  9. BaptizedN Blood

    I wonder if you can change the voice pack when the english version come out with korean or chinese voice.

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