Devilian Online Character Selection Screen 1st Closed Beta

Devilian Online First Look Review 1st CBT

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  1. Neta Wasserman

    More boob bouncing…

  2. Kaoru Sugimura

    that was very…short o.O so i take it little customization in this game huh lol

  3. Lap-Deer

    Tera ripoff

  4. Mike The Gamer

    what is it with koreans and gender locked classes?

  5. shotguns4kids


  6. darkchaoswind

    A dungeon crawler ripping off of TERA? Heh.

  7. Another Ghost

    Another game with shit character customization.
    Asian MMO's are just getting better and better..

  8. Gumi Park

    Lmao. That face on that chick plus that body? Plain creepy.

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