Devil Maker Tokyo TCG RPG End Game Boss Shiva 720p

Just finished writing up the Devil Maker Tokyo Survival Guide
Developer: Palmple
Publisher: Kakao | Palmple
Game Site: | Facebook
AppStore: Download Page
GooglePlay: Download Page

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  1. Justas Sakutis


  2. hovsep56

    erm…ok congrats i gues the only thing i saw were cards punching each other

  3. LockDOTspot

    The best Korea.

  4. waterstardrop

    the game looks pretty fun for a card game ^_^ although your reward for that battle didnt look like the card was very good

  5. Tales000

    Go to Main Menu, click on "Menu", click on "Events" and then put in "Serenel" at
    "Refer a friend" and get get FREE Premium Summon Ticket!

  6. Edickson Lee

    Enter me as refere get premium ticket yo ign:Darfenir

  7. Stanmuhbias

    Enter my ID and get a free premium summoning ticket :')

  8. Stanmuhbias

    ID: Junkieace

  9. Frank Tran

    Refer "Franko" and receive a free ticket!

  10. zachoey79

    Punching cards are awesome. Fact.

  11. Emdelmi

    reffer my ID for prem ticket id: Desirella

  12. Iron Will

    Does anyone know why the SG4 has problems playing this game?

  13. Lost Angel

    refer me and get free ticket~ filicias

  14. HatsunThePidgeon1

    Remeber when this chick used to be a threat…. I don't 

  15. Yona Chan

    ı win shiva so sad to u

  16. why breathe air, when you have oxyjin

    the best game

  17. why breathe air, when you have oxyjin


  18. Inukai Sen

    2021 and missing the game 😭😭

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