Death Garden Runner Gameplay Closed Beta

I spent most of yesterday playing this game it’s pretty decent XD.
I hope they add more maps, jobs, and hunters later need variety. — PC — PvP — English — Steam

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Комментариев: 33
  1. Mobile Players

    Lol no one got killed there

  2. Engin Haymana

    Can you show us some gameplay where you play as the hunter? it looks like its impossible for him to win.

  3. Jewbelno Korenaki

    is this only pvp?

  4. Nick Harper

    trolling simulator

  5. Felipe B

    jump in pillar simulator

  6. Jukebox

    I understand nothing.

  7. NinUchiha

    This game is either boring or steparu is just making it look easy!

  8. Overseas Muscular Guy Saiaka

    I honestly don't know what is going on but all I can tell is that they are fighting for control pts LMAO

  9. leo

    Graphics looks good, but this jump/room looks boring don't know if I could play this for more than 3 full round

  10. Augusto Vicente

    This game is awesome, fast reactions, needs to have good map awareness, but most of it needs alot of teamwork. Really fun, but they need to nerf turrets .-.

  11. Gamex996

    rage quit even harder now
    -dead by daylight devs

  12. Christopher Yako

    What is the point of this game? Jump on a pillar and move to the next one?

  13. MisericOrde

    Nosgoth clone?

  14. KaozKaiser09

    Runners have Won
    Runners have Won
    Runners have Won
    Runners have Won

  15. Sever Teran

    Kinda want to try hunter now just to see if it's as impossible as it looks.

    EDIT: also is anyone else tired of seeing everyone with ttv in their username in every game ever possible now? I can't play a single multiplayer anything without seeing it everywhere and most of those people don't even stream to begin with.

  16. MrPsymind

    does the hunter shoot fucking peas?? underpowered as fuck

  17. Nightmare


  18. Ricardo Batistela

    Pau de sebo simulator

  19. Nysun


  20. BalloonBoi

    what even is this? i don't understand anything at all xD

  21. Custer

    looks hilariously dull

  22. Game Fanz

    waiting for the anime version xD…

  23. Unity Chan's MMD

    Insert random dubstep music and turn this into free running montage.

  24. hovsep56

    anouncer sounds so bored

  25. Mooncalf

    crap game in my opinion

  26. hovsep56

    the revive skill is tottaly op you cannot finish them of

  27. Bork

    Looks like another battle royale game

  28. Tarık Celil Çelik

    This is free

  29. 피아노캣 [PianoCat]

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ rage quit

  30. Dyrhos

    looks boring :/

  31. Кирилл Огурчиков

    Что ЧТООО ТЫ ТАКОЕ?????????????????????

  32. purinikos

    In classic behavior fashion, the survivor/runner side has more advantages

  33. Engineer Gaming

    your good 👍

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