Death Garden Hunter Gameplay — Shotgun and Landmines OP

As requested here are two quick matches of me playing as Hunter!
People say Turrets are OP, but Landmines are stronger. Nerf soon? — 1v5 PvP — PC Steam — CBT

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Комментариев: 14
  1. GermanStrands

    Nice Vidoe like always. Instant like.

  2. Tracy Johnson

    Cool looking game

  3. Wacho


  4. Viinii

    Tudo que ele joga ele é bom mano, parabéns steparu!!

  5. John D

    You're a bit of a beast in fps for someone that mainly plays mmos 😂

  6. Redbl0odx

    Turtlerock Studios made this didn't they. It sure looks like they did.

  7. Samin

    I came 😃😃😃

  8. Nightmare

    5:47 HAHAHAHA

  9. DaFlavourFace

    steparu op

  10. Kijin Seija

    Cell factor is obviously the greatest fps ever to exist

  11. Glanz

    step.. the way you put the landmines..literally turning it to death garden lol

  12. Azz-Rushman

    Something about the voice of the announcer seems good.
    I mean, i don't think it's optimal for the type of game, but her tone also feels realistic enough.

  13. Kagura

    i get predator vibes

  14. Sever Teran

    Lol ok, I see how this goes. That stun is wew. Good stuff

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